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  1. BrigmasterA

    Beyond Thunderdome Completed

    Dude, How could you do that to a spaceliner? Oh wait... I've done worse to one. ;-) nice bike man! nice.
  2. BrigmasterA


    Really wish I would have made time to finish my bike for the build off... A lot of sweet bikes here this year. There always is... Voting was tough...
  3. BrigmasterA

    SUBTERFUGE (Finished)

    Re: SUBTERFUGE Personally i think you have too many cool chainguards and should send some my way. I can help you redistribute them. Seriously though. I dig 'em.
  4. BrigmasterA

    Muscle 'thorne

    Well, I haven't done anything except tear that bike down, and I started to modify a stingray triple tree fork for it, but then life happened. Working more, while taking a 14% paycut, and trying to find other ways to make ends meet, two of my sister-in-laws have asked me to build bikes for...
  5. BrigmasterA

    Vintage Schwinn Decals?

    K so this is more of a "where to" than a "how to" question, but I looked at maple island and mmemory lane, and couldn't find the "hollywood" decal for the chainguard of this bike I just got... Any ideas?
  6. BrigmasterA


    Well, last year I didn't even start til some time in July, and I still made the time limit. So... Maybe that's why I'm procrastinating so much on my own build... :roll:
  7. BrigmasterA


    ...Whoa. Nicw. :-o
  8. BrigmasterA


    even the little rocket ship thingy on the front of the fender? That thing is rad!
  9. BrigmasterA


    Really diggin' that front fender... What's it from?
  10. BrigmasterA

    Build #2: Rat Rod Chopper/Bobber

    Dude I really like how that thing turned out! Love the curved tubing and the fork rear triangle area... I really like how that bike looks man!
  11. BrigmasterA

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!aka RatRod

    Happy Birthday Steve! Thanks for this awesoem site!
  12. BrigmasterA

    Coventry Eagle

    Nice transformation man! I dig it!
  13. BrigmasterA

    Brimfield MA (Antiques, flea market)

    I really like the pirate sticker above the reflecter on the cwc. If it were mine, I'da just put some new grease in it, and the oldest lokking useable rubber I could find on it and roll!
  14. BrigmasterA

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics or did you make those little brackets the wheel is mounted in? and if that's the case, how do you keep it from rotating in the fork spot? I like how low it is though...
  15. BrigmasterA

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics I'm diggin' your bike man. A quick question though. I'm not familiar with those springers. Did you just move the spring/strut arm to the back bolt hole to lower it? and if so, does that take the springing action outta the fork, and will it let the tire/fender do...
  16. BrigmasterA

    Convert West Coast Chopper to Adult size.

    I built my first stretch chopper... I cut up a spaceliner and stretched it. I learned a lot for my next one. I don't posess ony real fab skills, just an idea of how I wanted it, and access to a welder when no one was around to tell me I was doing it wrong... I'm not a welder. I just know the...
  17. BrigmasterA

    shifters and derailers... HELP

    Hmmm... Maybe I'll have to head back to the inlaws and grab the derailer off the donor bike just to hedge my bets...
  18. BrigmasterA

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser 5/13 update I think matching fenders would look pretty sharp...
  19. BrigmasterA

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser 5/12 update Once again, I can't wait to see how this turns out. You already got a sweet start. I wouldn't mind finding a tank for my hawthorne, but I doubt I will at an affordable price, since mine is a 24 inch bike... Keep up the good work!
  20. BrigmasterA

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser 5/12 update See? I told ya Steve's a cool cat. I don't think anyone here thought you were trying to cheat, and I perconally am glad you're still in. Keep up the good work on the greaser man!