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  1. zaz

    VOTE HERE!!!

    Done. Using le newsletter link "Visit the site this week and vote", then choosing "Vote here", I have the first results, without having to signing in.
  2. zaz


    +1 Medium (I vote for the pocket T).
  3. zaz

    trying to identify the year on this Schwinn..

    December 1966
  4. zaz

    Found a cool rack, need help with identification!

    Definitely JC Higgins, late 40's early 50's.
  5. zaz

    24" Muscle bikes

    I ride a 5 speed 24" Sears Spyder, the most uncomfortable bike I own. Mainly bought for the Schreckengost frame. Spring Summer 69 Sears catalog Christmas 69 Sears catalog Both Manta Ray (71/72) and Spyder (68/69?) were quickly discontinued, wonder why.
  6. zaz

    School me on Bantams please ***PHOTOS!!!!!***

    The bantam is not a Stingray, yours has been luckily customized. It is equipped with balloon tires. The top bar mounting brackets on the Bantam are pretty thin and could have been removed. You can see one of the mounting brackets at the bottom of the saddle tube, just upon the N of Bantam...
  7. zaz

    Delta Lights-These are Delta Rockets right?

    The oldest Hubba Hubba lite I found is a front wheel model in the spring/summer 1949 Montgomery Wards catalog then never again. The lenses on the the old Delta lights are more rounded than the most recent. I don't know the real age of my Gordon catalog but the lenses are the same as yours, a...
  8. zaz

    I need help finding books on bikes.

    Classic bikes for dummies with the NBHAA's corrections: Schwinn subjective litterature and more Without forgetting the incredible work of John Brain on Bike, Rod & Kustom: John Brain's history of kustom biking 1958 - 1967...
  9. zaz

    New Departure Model "D" skip tooth hub

    This is not the answer to your question but here are the ND model D assembly instructions:
  10. zaz


    So did I, fan of both frame and fork. Probably the same reason that makes me love the Colson Commander and the Elgin Twin.
  11. zaz


  12. zaz


  13. zaz


    Happiness is...
  14. zaz

    lOOk at that beauty...

    I don't know if someone notices that bike on the bay but it's a real beauty, what a style!!!
  15. zaz

    my new old schwinn

    As the bike seems to be prewar the serial number won't help you. The Schwinn serial chart begins in 1948 before everything as been destroyed. Beautiful accessorized bike.
  16. zaz


    Re: Us.. Me and those who have to endure me daily :D
  17. zaz

    Why do you ride your bike?

    - Because I love it - Because Paris is my playground and there's no better way to move in that city - Because I feel like a kid when I ride with my Sting-ray with the Stelber "Be a big wheel" steering wheel - Because I like to overtake multispeed bicycle with single speed bikes (it's a kind of...
  18. zaz


    CWC 1942? 1951 Western auto
  19. zaz

    RIP Michael Jackson

  20. zaz

    RIP Michael Jackson

    +1 One of my favorite cruising song is orphan First time I went to the USA in 1981, I discovered "Can you feel it" on the variety music channel of my TWA flight (I also discovered "The yellow rose of Texas" the same day), great...