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    New frame I picked up.

    Looks like a good builder, the back stays look to be pretty wide will it take a 3" tire?
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    * farm fresh 1940 Dayton bigtank*

    Keep it as is, anybody can have one restored. that is a beautiful machine right there.
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    Great Western Crown

    That's a great bike.
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    Another 20 showed up tonight

    I'd say late 40's early 50's with the wheel adjuster screws. I like it.
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    Happy Birthday Rat Rod!

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    Not A Bike, But I Just Got To Show Ya!!! Drags Update!!

    Very nice truck, I had a 50 about 32 years ago.
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    1937 CWC Roadmaster badged Berry Cohen Atlanta Georgia

    Wow this is a nice bike, I think would just service it and ride it.
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    1935 Silver King

    I really like this bike, the lines and shine make it look fast. Great job.
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    Nice leather1 leh saddles with more pix and a link 2 there site!

    This seat reminds me of Wing tipped shoes!
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    Aluminum Bike Trunk

    Nice looking trunk, but the latch looks to big for the size of the trunk.
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    'The Swing Thing'- pic heavy

    This is a sweet bike! I have an original in orange, and it's a blast to ride.
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    New Balloon Tire Available

    I bought B.F. Goodrich tires from Coker years ago. These chain tires are real nice looking tires.
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    That was 112 pages of cool, I started to count my favorites and thought their all to cool.
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    bronx radio bike

    This is pretty cool ! Did you ask Albert what year his is? It looks like he has been working on his ride for awhile. The crash bars will help protect his stereo speakers if his bike falls over.
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    My Town, Phoenix, AZ

    no pix!
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    wife's Dyno Glide

    I found a Dyno Glide Deluxe for my wife a few years back and she loves it. Now we have a Kustom Kruiser Too! Anyone want to buy a KK for a Christmas Present?
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    Some of mine!

    Nice display! I'd like to see the Brown stretched bike closer, if we could.
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    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    Re: LocoJoe's Most Recent Ride (Hoover Dam & Candy Mountain) These are great photos and videos Randy & Nova. You just make me want to retire even more so we could go ride the country trails.
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    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    Re: LocoJoe's Most Recent Ride (Family Clown Bike) I liked that video, caught the old Ford woody in the parking lot, sweet.
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    Columbia Built Good Year Double Eagle

    Nice bike. Since you have the lock out, you can take it to a lock shop and have a new key made or have it re keyed.