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  1. Mike G

    1st Annual Patriots Day Custom & Vintage BicycleShow

    Hey Rat Rod Bike folks, sorry for my absence pretty much been sticking to Facebook these days. Since this is in regard to an event pretty much looking to get it out through all venues... What: 1st Annual Patriots Day Custom & Vintage Bicycle Show Being held in conjunction with...
  2. Mike G

    St Pete, FLA... Biff's Burgers Bicycle Show October 4th!

    Sorry guys, haven't been on the site lately... Says in the original post Oct 4th, top of the page. It's on multiple Facebook pages, and there's a website for Biff's... if you really wanted to go I'm not the only source for info... just saying!
  3. Mike G

    St Pete, FLA... Biff's Burgers Bicycle Show October 4th!

    This will be the 3rd show being held at Biff's, will provide additional info when I receive it. It should be a great show since we'll be seeing cooler weather... June's show was brutal!
  4. Mike G


    I dabble in photography so this being a separate poll was pretty cool. For some reason #60 Quasimoto, caught my eye on the first go around. The photo itself isn't anything really special, but just that little tilt of the pic made the biggest difference! Good job to all the organizers!!!
  5. Mike G

    Cool bike club article... RRB get's mentioned

    I found this on Facebook, thought I'd share it, since the site is mentioned...
  6. Mike G

    Cheap bike stuff source...

    I'm not sure if any of you have been to this site or not, it appears to be a middle man exporter for all kinds of stuff made in China... I've seen a lot of the stuff on Ebay at one point or another, with substantial mark ups. So far I've ordered a bunch of misc. items...
  7. Mike G

    Display Kickstands...

    That's it! Thanks, wasn't sure what to search for and "kickstand" wasn't cutting it!
  8. Mike G

    Display Kickstands...

    I saw some pretty cool display kickstands, they were like a heavier gauge rod that kind of wrapped around the bottom bracket area... just there temporarily. I don't know if that description is gonna do it, but does anybody know of what I ask, and if so where could one obtain one? I'll see if I...
  9. Mike G

    Night Owl

    This is looking awesome, what classic geometry!!!
  10. Mike G

    1st time BMX post... Mongoose Kos Kruiser!

    No it's in really nice condition, as long as who ever ends up with it doesn't get fanatical about restoring it to 100% original it'll be awesome... just the grips for one of these is North of $45 for the correct ones, you could probably restore a prewar Schwinn cheaper... but this might sell...
  11. Mike G

    1st time BMX post... Mongoose Kos Kruiser!

    Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been in this section before... never had a BMX bike, at least in the last... oh thirty years or so! Well this is my most recent acquisition, one Mongoose "Kos Kruiser"! I kind'a stumbled on it, don't ask what I paid, it'd just make you cry! Even more...
  12. Mike G

    Mongoose 26" bmx ??? Pics added 6/12...

    I'll have pics of it tomorrow, my concern was that I know they're currently making a 26" dirt jumper and it's pretty cheap (pricewise), so I wasn't sure if they made earlier 26" BMX bikes that would have been less desirable. I'd seen it a couple weeks ago so I'm a bit foggy on the details...
  13. Mike G

    Mongoose 26" bmx ??? Pics added 6/12...

    I have a line on a chrome 26" Mongoose BMX bike, pretty cheap. Problem is I'm out of my element when it comes to BMX stuff, I'm sort of under the illusion (or delusion) that being a 26" it might be worth something, it does have Araya double wall rims. I'm hoping somebody can enlighten me on the...
  14. Mike G

    Biff's Burgers 2nd Event, St. Pete, FL June 7th...

    Some pics from the Biff's Burger Bike Sow for anyone interested...
  15. Mike G

    Workman frame build possibilty... Now "Workman RS"! All but Fini!

    So far pretty nice, and impressive component list too!
  16. Mike G

    Fat Tire addiction...

    "Schwinn" is such a great and diverse anatomical word... They don't know if you're going high or low!
  17. Mike G


    Hey Luke, maybe that works to your advantage... if I did a video of a build I'd have to spend two day going thru the audio track having to say "BLEEP" every couple minutes!:headbang:They might not understand all the swear words if you say them in Australian:rolleyes:
  18. Mike G

    Baywalk Beach Cruisers Bike Club

    Joe, looks like a heck of a cruiser scene over there in PI! You ought to tell Bicycle Café to look into some Park Tools silverware! Man it's been so long since I've had "good" lumpia!
  19. Mike G

    Fat Tire addiction...

    I was on a Facebook page and the typical comment regarding bicycle addiction came up, so I posted this and thought ya'll might get a kick out of it... "It can be really RUFF to kick an addiction that grasps you like a BOA-G, high tech methods like ELECTRA therapy tend not to help, but you don't...
  20. Mike G

    OK, it's not a rat bike... it's now the "Big Boy G.I.Joe" toy

    Oh! Oh! So darn close to being finished! Waiting for some rear hub bearings to do a rebuild, looking nice maybe even a little authentic... till you get to the rear wheel!