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    Sampa 2011

    Good job. I like it. Except that one point where I thought you might get hit by the car turning toward you in the parking lot.
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    Funny stuff my wife says... about my obsession's / passion for bikes.

    Wife: When are you going to get this bike out of the living room? Me: It's decor (It's a Schwinn Super Sport looking nice and shiny, that's decor, right?).
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    1971 Schwinn collegiate camelback

    Nice find. That paint looks like it will shine up real nice. Chrome too. Your Manta Ray conversion is already looking great. I like the seat that you have on there now. When I was a kid I liked the Fastback 5 speed. Of course, the Manta Ray is like a big Fastback with the weird seat.
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    83 Ross Mt Chromey

    That looks awesome @One-eyed Sailor . A chrome Ross from when Ross made their best stuff. A lugged fork crown and the stuff that is normally painted is chrome and the stuff that is normally shinny is black. And an internal geared hub with a roller brake. Pretty neat.
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    Peugeot Marseille

    You have a good point. I never went into a bike shop and asked them if they have an old Peugeot or anything else like that. It cannot hurt to ask. I never even considered going to bike shops as source for actual bikes. When I worked in a bike shop we had a couple of bikes that came in for...
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    It will work forward or backwards. It looks like the Sanyo bottom bracket mount generator. I have one on a Trek 800. They work good until enough muck gets in them from being thrown at them from the tires. Mine works good, but you know it is on even with the lights turned off because it...
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    Peugeot Marseille

    Good story. How often does that happen?
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    Cruiser Opinions...Huffy vs. Kent

    I like the La Jolla. It is funny or odd that the pieces that used to be aluminum on older bicycles are steel on new bikes and frame that used to be steel is aluminum. The La Jolla gets my vote, but it is up to your wife. What does she think? The Cranbrook is popular for it pastel paint and...
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    The Crusty Pistachio

    I love the paint and the B72. The bike is pretty sweet too.
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    Typhoon Too Finished

    Nice forks. They look good with the taper toward the end. This must be a blast to ride.
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    Howdy from New York.

    This was built back in the early '80"s when colored anodizing was so available. Even some items that weren't anodized were made to look like it, like the stem and pedals on this particular bike. Everything else that is red is anodized. The rack and the decals were from Schwinn. I worked at a...
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    Howdy from New York.

    Thanks all.
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    Howdy from New York.

    I have been a long time follower on RatRodBikes. Often going here to get insperation, or just oogle at the creativity of the bikes getting built and shown here. The thing is that I havn't joined because I thought I wasn't cool enough to hang with you birds. But, it is better to join that just...