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  1. AndyA

    Steering a Vintage Bicycle a Fun way

    How about something with a nautical flair? Then you could rig it with a sail!
  2. AndyA

    Batshoot coolest bike accessorie

    Could be a great workout. Folks run with parachutes for that purpose. So, if you live where there are no hills...
  3. AndyA

    Handlebar slipping

    The trouble-shooting checklist definitely requires investigating this possible cause. Try screwing the bolts in without the handlebar or top clamps and measure the clearance. If they don't screw in far enough, cut a bit off the ends of the bolts. Of course, you can't go wrong with beer can shims...
  4. AndyA

    Painting Hubs

    Uncle Phil: Interesting question. Unless your riding is pretty extreme, I doubt that you would get smoke out of your hubs. But it would look way cool if you did. The only downside of high-temp paints is that they tend to be more brittle than regular paints. So you need to decide between the risk...
  5. AndyA

    Can anyone recommend a clamp type brake lever?

    But.... that's what we live for. :happy:
  6. AndyA

    Transistor Radio Holder

    Monsieur Dbubbleguy: Nice! I didn't have a transistor radio but my friend did. He would put it in his front basket and when he hit a bump it would fly out. It didn't last long. He definitely could have used a holder. Have fun!
  7. AndyA

    205 years ago today..

    Professor High: Thanks for posting. Note that the invention was also called a "draisine" in honor of Karl. That name came to be used for railroad handcars, as well. Have fun!
  8. AndyA

    Lets see some 24" lovin

    For your consideration: a 1980 Schwinn 24 Varsity Sport 10-speed in cardinal red. I'm swapping the drop bars out for a set of flat bars for my grandson. I think he'll find it fast compared to the single-speeds he's been riding. Funny, it kinda looks like a 26 or 27-inch bike with a giant chainring.
  9. AndyA

    The what are these sellers smoking thread. we have all seen sky high priced bikes. share here.

    Maybe it's selective memory or false nostalgia but it seems to me that a few years ago there were quite a few bikes on Craigslist for $25 or $50. The impetus was generally the need for more room in the garage. Now almost everyone thinks they have a museum piece or at least a bike that Mike from...
  10. AndyA

    Cargo & cycle truck front rack question

    One day I rode my son's Yuba cargo bike with a frame-mounted front platform. I probably would have gotten used to it but, in the short run, it was disconcerting (translation: it made me nuts). Son likes the bike a lot. Grandson is often on the back (note cushion and handgrip).
  11. AndyA

    32-er Project Abandoned Before it Begins

    Saw this Kent on Craigslist for $40. Thought it would look cool with BMX-style handlebars and seat; sort of a monster BMX. But after researching the availability (hardly any) and cost (high) of 32-inch tires, I abandoned the project. Even if the existing tires are good, one would need new tires...
  12. AndyA

    Tires for a middleweight cruiser 1.75?

    Professor Gowjobs: I didn't know that. Now I'm sorry that I know that because my head may explode. Do they not know the size of their tires? Is it a merchandising ploy? What is the world coming to?
  13. AndyA

    Lets see some 24" lovin

    My grandson rides a Sun Retro 24. My wife rides a Dyno Glide 24.
  14. AndyA

    Tires for a middleweight cruiser 1.75?

    Hhmm. That designation (with a range) may be found on tubes, but a tire is going to be labeled with a single size, either 26 X 1.75 or 26 X 2.125 or something' else. Have fun!
  15. AndyA

    What characteristic makes a bike your favorite rider?

    Favorite? It depends on the variables of the trip: Distance Terrain Purpose Weather Mood That's why you need many bikes.
  16. AndyA

    Daddy Long Legs

    You got it: Persons siren. Really gets their attention.
  17. AndyA

    seatpost size help

    You can try a shim. Aluminum beer cans are traditional, but soda cans work too. I visited the Parts Department and found a seat post that measures 21.5mm by 10-1/4" (see pics). I'll PM you with details. Have fun!
  18. AndyA

    seatpost size help

    Not much difference between 21.1 and 20.7 21.1 - 20.7 = 0.4 mm 0.4 mm is about 6 times the diameter of a human hair Maybe 20.7 would work Worth a try
  19. AndyA

    Potential Acquisition: Hyper Cruiser

    This is bad, but at least one can imagine someone who lacks experience and is under pressure to assemble bikes quickly making these mistakes. I ran into something that is harder to imagine. I obtained a 20" muscle bike and was trying to remove the pedals. They were free of rust but wouldn't...
  20. AndyA

    Potential Acquisition: Hyper Cruiser

    Hhmm, am I picking up a trend here? Thank you gentlemen!