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    Why do bikes matter to you?

    Loved bicycles from the very first ride. can’t really explain it, more of a feeling. Even today, all these years later, anytime I jump on- my inner soul is instantly a care free 6 year old… I have to ride through the puddles, I have to pop a wheelie, I have to bunny hop that curb, I have to ride...
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    Curb finds

    yay! free bicycles!
  4. Pestcontrol02

    Glad to be Here

  5. Pestcontrol02

    Chain very close to wheel

  6. Pestcontrol02

    Christmas lights for your bicycle..

    Hey guys- I wanted to share a recent find.. My wife and I were looking to add some holiday spirit to our bicycles and we had found these at Walmart on clearance for $10 and they’re fine, but they’re short @ 6 feet, just not enough cover the whole frame. So, I kept looking and ran across these...
  7. Pestcontrol02

    New member!

    Welcome! love your bike👍👍
  8. Pestcontrol02

    Storage Ideas

    The shelves with holes are genius. Ashamed to admit that all my stuff is tossed haphazardly into a large plastic tote with no organization at all…the entire tote must be emptied each time I’m in search of a part. Someday, maybe, I’ll get it all organized.
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    Happy Halloween Biking

    spotted this family recently👻👻
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    ‘62 Typhoon double straight bar

    Love it. Thumbie>grip shift..imo
  11. Pestcontrol02

    Bed Frame Bike, v2.0

    Awesome build!!
  12. Pestcontrol02

    Hello from Poland!

  13. Pestcontrol02

    What have you been riding lately?

    Would like to have the rail to myself and see how fast I could get it going😂😂 They say the leaves weren’t that good this year but we thought it was beautiful. We are planning another trip with our bicycles next time and in warmer weather. Interesting history of these tracks…they were built...
  14. Pestcontrol02

    What have you been riding lately?

    Rode a rail trail bike last week on vacation.. beautiful scenes of the Hudson River, temps in the low 40s was definitely cooler than I’m used to.
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    Found this one in a “ladies home journal“ from 1908..
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    New member

  17. Pestcontrol02

    Beatrice here :)

  18. Pestcontrol02

    Sure Death, 1965

    my first was like this internet image... would have been mid 70s