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  1. onelesspedestrian

    Dirty 30

    So... I've kind of just been lurking in the shadows of this year's buildoff. I have a '41 CCM I had planned on doing up, but I decided back when RRBBO8 started that I have too many other things that need to come first, and that I couldn't do that one justice. While on a mountain bike ride, my...
  2. onelesspedestrian

    Lucky # 7

    That looks glorious all cleaned up! Are you using a Dynafile for all this blending work?
  3. onelesspedestrian

    Lucky # 7

    This build is MIND BLOWING!!! As a fellow machinist, I am really glad to see this going on. I have to ask though... the rest of the bike is looking so awesome, you're gonna give that poor seat low self esteem! Ever consider one of those big wide Brooks?
  4. onelesspedestrian

    Canadian Market.

    Love it! Those fenders look like 28" CCM maybe? I would be interested to see what it looks like with the front tilted back some too, which is not to say it doesn't look stellar now. It does! Also I had never thought about shifters mounted that way, that's awesome.
  5. onelesspedestrian

    Show us your Custom Bars

    these started as a cheap mountain bike quill stem, mitered and welded to some old motocross bars. the bars had the cross brace chopped out, and a couple inches sectioned from the rise. Stamped endcaps made with dies my dad made for his Kookie T-bucket project were welded in the ends. The bullet...
  6. onelesspedestrian


    wow, this has been a bit of a rough summer on me. at the start of the buildoff I had just got back from apprenticeship training, and came back to a job at a company that was now under new ownership. It became a step backwards in terms of on the job training, respect, not to mention no raise in...
  7. onelesspedestrian

    ENGINE No.9 (completely complete!)

    Re: ENGINE No.9 (new pic) that's lookin' cool. I don't typically like "bear trap" pedals on cruisers, but I think if you got creative with some more of that check-plate aluminum, you could make them fit right in.
  8. onelesspedestrian


    wow that stem is beautiful. how does the chainring look under that grime? someone posted it on mine last year, and I will say it again here ... I love those CCM chainrings.
  9. onelesspedestrian


    Re: * THE BANDIT*THE ED ROTH TRIBUTE(Updated June 2) Oooo... that's a lotta skiptooth.
  10. onelesspedestrian

    BOSS ROSS - another Ed Roth tribute

    I'll cast a "no" vote against the king and queen style seat... I really like what you've got on there, although I agree a tall sissy bar would look cool. Lots more above the seat, right? And if you're going for more modern BMX parts, are you aware that a dual drive hub already exists? it may be...
  11. onelesspedestrian

    BOSS ROSS - another Ed Roth tribute

    I think this would add a lot to an already cool bike, and is very 60's show car-ish. what is the clearance problem? could you not just create a mirror image of the existing drivetrain? The left side would probably just be a dummy...if it is a frame clearance issue, I might add that it isn't that...
  12. onelesspedestrian

    BOSS ROSS - another Ed Roth tribute

    The cool stuff?!? I'd say the "cool stuff" has been going on for a while now. One of my favourites.
  13. onelesspedestrian

    SWINGER Special- Finished

    Re: SWINGER Special- Wheel Anno and Frame paint 5-18 yeah that paint is pretty sweet. I have a little trick up my sleeve with this stuff.... and if I ever get my butt in gear on my build, I'll show you :wink: one trick I will tell ya right now with this stuff, you can alternate between the...
  14. onelesspedestrian

    Jenna Saykwa Longbike

    Re: Jenna Saykwa (Flat Top Cruiser) Haha, you and me both. anything past flipping a light switch I like to leave to a qualified professional :?
  15. onelesspedestrian

    Undertaker: Done Deal

    Re: Undertaker wow, that bike went from lame to awesome in one post... right on!
  16. onelesspedestrian

    Steel is Real

    Nice :lol:
  17. onelesspedestrian


    Re: *BIG DADDY*THE ED ROTH TRIBUTE(updated pics May 15)'re not kidding, but watch out for me and the other procrastinators come last week of July..... 8) man.... great minds think alike?? same tire combo I'm running. good thing I have a kind of gasser/grudge match drag thing going...
  18. onelesspedestrian

    skull-o sis (lights, camera, devilution! )

    Re: skull-o sis (name pending) almost looks like that could double as a dual position front axle mount. I'd scribe some teeth into that dropout face 8) like he's biting onto the front wheel.
  19. onelesspedestrian

    my new 27 ford project

    cool project. man, we could almost have a '27 T club around here... here's mine: it's actually a 26 though, on account of the rare early 26 box on the back.
  20. onelesspedestrian


    yikes! that's aluminum? COOL. that's a nice stem, hope you can keep it intact. you have a while yet to let 'er soak before the deadline :wink: