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  1. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    Bit more progress, tuned the drive train, bonnet lowered, wheel covers with VW hub caps. Head lights that turn with the steering, smaller nurf bar and fitted the fold down windscreens from the buggy, see above.
  2. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    Thanks I'm going with a truck bed rear end, won't be for a while going to drive her around as is sort out some bugs in the drive train get her reliable then get into some more details
  3. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    Thanks Horsefarmer, the remoteness has been a blessing during CO19! After a couple of big sessions we have a drive train and it works! As I have stated have been concerned about the weight with the buggy body. Story within itself scored a bonnet locally in great condition, so now we have a...
  4. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    Whooohooo we have some progress, control as in steering in, also revisited the front end. Was going to have a rigid front end but thought what the heck, had the bits so went with suspension, see how she goes, if work out couple of bolts and she goes back to a solid set up! So you can steer her...
  5. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    So after a couple of big days finally got the rear end sorted, originally had the drive wheels out beyond the body. Revised this, they now sit nicely in the space where the VW engine would have sat. So in a sense have the motor where it should be! Next sort out the chin drive, plan is to have...
  6. Pushie Pirate


    That thing is the "ducks nuts!"
  7. Pushie Pirate

    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    Got this one done and dusted.
  8. Pushie Pirate

    Volksrod/buggy pedal powered

    As with us all no work so into various projects at home, been a VW fan for years, had both 1960 and 64 split window Kombis also an ex Australian Army nine seater Kombi, wish I'd kept one of them worth a Kings ransom these days! Time has flown, ten years ago nearly I saved this old J & S buggy...
  9. Pushie Pirate

    Unofficial March Shootout

    Thanks mate.
  10. Pushie Pirate

    Unofficial March Shootout

    Do we post finished bikes here or start a new individual thread, been away for a bit and a little confused, confused in general with the current life and times!?
  11. Pushie Pirate

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    Done, calling her the One-Day-Wonder as she was done in a day, bars, banana seat with sissy bar, front fender greased the bearings and she's done. Nice to ride even without the chain oiled, may add front brakes, see how I feel before the deadline. Got the motor scooter done as well ready for...
  12. Pushie Pirate

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    Thanks Andy I'm in with this little rocket I pulled off the scrap pile, yep she was a throw out cost zippo! Check out those apes, man your fingers would be getting frost bite with them up that high in the sky! "One person's trash another treasure," Planing on keeping her quick and simple...
  13. Pushie Pirate

    Unofficial March Shootout II

    After a bit of a hiatus have decided to jump in, bit confused, (all the time if I'm honest) do I post pic's here or start a new thread of my build? Thank you............
  14. Pushie Pirate

    Anybody else have a motorcycle?

    Been away from bikes a while now, until I recently scored this year 2000 Suzuki GZ250. When I got her not running, broken clutch cable, rusted out exhaust, no tail lights or fenders and not a of the purple tank! How she sits now, got her running nice, lights up, fenders and paint, just...
  15. Pushie Pirate

    VW Bus Sidecar build

    Man that is so cool, super well done!
  16. Pushie Pirate


    An old not so good but interesting shot of where I get some of my bike bits.
  17. Pushie Pirate

    Rat Beer bike

    Merry Christmas everyone, been out of the loop but still lurking bike wise, still building stuff like a couple of tributes to my beloved Volkswagon. VW shrine made from some bits I have collected over the years, been stashed in a box finally got my act together and made a sort of si-fi VW...
  18. Pushie Pirate

    Chinese bike graveyards

    Been off bike construction of late, been riding a lot but not much building, still lurking here a bit. Found these great images, bike graveyards that are to be honest art!
  19. Pushie Pirate

    Indian Boardtracker with a twist or two!

    Thanks folks, are they ever finished well this one maybe!
  20. Pushie Pirate

    The Worlds Lowest Indian

    So talk to me scrambler, is that a dyno hub as in the two small nuts in the centre of the hub are power supply connections, is that what you are saying? I have another question re this hub, it has a small filler obviously for filling with oil, so what type of oil and do you fill it till it...