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  1. 77 bc

    another "i'm new here" thread...

    '57 Schwinn Tornado. After looking thru all the schwinn materials I could find on '57's, and someone mentioning that Tornados had removable kickstands, my curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out the lacquer thinner and rubbed off enough of the rattle can paint to make out the "Tornado"...
  2. 77 bc

    Fav Car?

    My '40 coupe & the weinermobile. btw..jen, I have seen some of the rollin' bones guys work. Cool stuff!
  3. 77 bc

    new roadster

    Where'd ya find it, and were there any more there???
  4. 77 bc

    A Colson for my kid...

    Here's my first project post... Bought this last week, and have been working on it little by little. Still a long way to go, but wanted to get the kid involved a bit. Near as I can tell, due to the skiptooth sprocket, etc, I am guessing this to be pre-war Colson, as it appeared when I...
  5. 77 bc


    Here's my '89 Giant Iguana, with it's color coordinated blackburn rack and cages and specialized toe clips. What was I thinking??? As goofy as those old Scott AT-4 bars look, I do like them better than the flat bars and bar-ends on my new Specialized.
  6. 77 bc

    another "i'm new here" thread...

    Hey, All! Been lurking the past few days. Digging thru the various threads, and looking at the various pictures, reminds me of the many stages of my first bike, an AMF Renegade, in it's various forms. No current ratrod bikes in the stable, but working on a twofer purchase. A set of early...