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  1. Nagant

    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    As others have already mentioned, love the video. The angle of that train made it look as if it were coming straight down the road. Spandex riders have noting on your cycling attire. :) So I'm not the only one that uses a dog chant. Some years ago a male pit-bull chased me on my bike at the edge...
  2. Nagant

    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    Your B-600 Mesinger is one I really, really like. Well, just like everyone here I like all of your saddles and I greatly admire your work. That particular saddle has a wonderful style IMHO. The front spring being more up under the frame instead of exaggerated and protruding forward as so many...
  3. Nagant

    Has anyone given any thought to........

    Completely agree with everyone on site to store delivery for large items from the WalMart website. We have used that option numerous times. Once on a stationary bike for my mother. The box arrived at our store completely undamaged. Then a few years ago I got one of those Huffy Regatta 3 speeds...
  4. Nagant

    ROSS Super Deluxe, 1959

    That bike was such an awesome find, love it!
  5. Nagant

    Buying Parts From China on Ebay

    In general I have found most items made in Taiwan to be better quality than those made in China. That is just my own personal experiences for whatever that is worth. I have a late 90's Giant produced chromoly steel Schwinn that is still going strong as well.
  6. Nagant

    multiple bicycles

    Without even trying I have accumulated a fair number of bikes and parts. Quite a few were given to me from various sources. Thankfully we have numerous buildings but I have kept the bike footprint relatively small. All the extra rims and wheelsets I have stacked on top of the laundry room in the...
  7. Nagant


    No problem. Many of us have inadvertently worked for a organization or company that later we would rather forget/not be associated with. Ouch, I understand injury is quite common int he sport. Sorry to hear about your back injury. Congrats on the weight loss. That is really great. Keep it up...
  8. Nagant

    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    Nice vintage cam.:bigsmile: If you were to bolt it to the bars, or to a rear bike rack, someone might think you had armed your bike with a rocket launcher. :D
  9. Nagant


    I remembered you mentioning in the past that you were a retired wrestler. If you don't mind me asking what time period did you wrestle and with what organizations?
  10. Nagant

    RRB Build Off 11

    LOL These amps are special, they got to 11.............. I just watched that old flick not to many days ago.
  11. Nagant


    I saw the news of his passing yesterday. As a child I watched him and the others of the WWF back in the 80's every Saturday morning. So many of them are gone now. :(
  12. Nagant

    My "new" bikes found July 26- worksman and pile of 1960s rust

    I never knew Trelleborg made bike tires but they are still in business. They have two plants in my area, one mixing & one that molds, and as far as I know they mold components for the auto industry at our local. They are still a Swedish company as well.
  13. Nagant

    Fatbelly Bobber - time for a cool change, now the Toadmaster

    I somehow missed your later updates to the bike/thread. Therefore as I got caught up on your work you earned quite a few likes from me. The bike looks awesome. Love those type rear reflectors. I have one that the reflector lens is broken in pieces but the housing is all good. Been considering...
  14. Nagant

    61 Schwinn Jaguar find

    Really nice find. Are you planning on putting the fenders back on? I ask because in current configuration I believe with fenders the bike would look even nicer. That is just me though and I admit to being biased towards fenders on these type of bikes.
  15. Nagant

    Spaceliner 24"26" tanks/ same size?

    Wish I could help but while I have a Spaceliner I don't have any of the tanks for them. Give it some time. They are very popular here and therefore I am sure one or more members has the answers for you. You might try sending a message to The Renaissance Man. He is the member who makes the...
  16. Nagant

    Evans Colson factory present day visit

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Really interesting.
  17. Nagant

    Araya 26" Blue Rims

    All my hopes and dreams dashed by a few stickers.:arghh::D Seriously though the whole bike turned out great.
  18. Nagant

    Araya 26" Blue Rims

    Those are some really nice Araya hoops. I have a feeling those labels didn't have a high survival rate over time and your two are intact even though the hoops aren't identical styles. I like the one you're running on the front a bit more than the rear style, but both are awesome. Would you want...
  19. Nagant

    The Old Lady gets her own thread......(Not a sewing adventure.)

    Glad to see you decided to rehab the old girl and make a rider of her. I like the way you have it in every way except I feel the fenders would tie it all together looks wise. That's just my opinion and I'm biased because I tend to like fenders on many bikes. Without the cool fenders and braces...
  20. Nagant

    OK wally world first - folding mountain bike !

    Yes, oh yes it is that. Plus it scares me beyond description. I would gladly ride a 40+ year old American or European bike that has been left outside and rusted to the point of being deeply pitted with only a casual concern compared to the terror I would surely feel just sitting on that thing...