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  1. Ecosse Iconoclast

    Ecosse Iconoclast

    from eBay July 2017
  2. 2009-Ecosse-Iconoclast-R-Engine.jpg


  3. 2009-Ecosse-Iconoclast-R-Front.jpg


  4. RustyGold

    Hutch model help and now build thread

    They are a Kun Teng brand (KT) hub. They were probably off some commuter/folder/travel bike as they don't look BMX. 20x1 3/8" in BMX are primarily for Mini class bikes and usually have a pretty low max weight requirement (~120-140lbs).
  5. RustyGold

    What have you been riding lately?

    My wife has had something that's been hanging around for ~3wks (persistent cough, mostly at night), she tested negative for covid as well. Get well soon, ride!
  6. RustyGold

    Which bike to buy?

    If you have wrist issues on the Trek, you can add BMX bars/stem and think of it as a Fast Ripper type bike.
  7. RustyGold

    Rat / Rod Model Kit Bash Challenge II

    Good kit for a Two Lane Blacktop '55 tribute!
  8. RustyGold

    Getting to Know Matti

  9. RustyGold

    Sting Ray lovers finds

    There's often a year cast on the crank spindle if you have it apart...and it's original. Early post war also have skinny dropouts, but I've never seen what they look like, so couldn't tell you for sure what they look like. It's '46-'48 for sure, though.
  10. RustyGold

    Sting Ray lovers finds

    It's not a '52 or '57. That serial lookup tool is fine when used within the parameters it's made for...'52 and up Chicago Schwinns. Yours, having serial under the BB is pre-'52 (when they were moved to year dropout) and post-war, due to the forward facing rear dropouts. '48s start in the D...
  11. RustyGold

    Dead Reckoning

    Your call,@CRASH's desirable enough to keep in circulation, but not enough to sweat the details. Enjoy it!
  12. RustyGold builds

    Not a Schwinn...looks to be a Good Vibrations era ('80s to earliest '90s) Huffy. :thumbsup:
  13. RustyGold

    What's in your collection?

    For the WIN! :113:
  14. RustyGold


    I'd rest the top of the dropouts (frame inverted) on a table or block of wood. Then use the chunk of (slotted) wood to protect the bent portion of the dropout as you (gently?) whack it with the all-purpose-Chrysler-tool (3lb sledge).
  15. RustyGold

    Weird 19t vs 18t coaster chain issue

    I agree with Cap...that 19t is thrashed.
  16. RustyGold

    Kustom Kruiser Roadster and disc brakes.

    Discs are overkill for most applications...but, hot rodding is all about overkill. If that pic goes viral, disc branding may become the next big thing! Looks almost Celtic!
  17. RustyGold

    GET-A-GRIP Inc. #11 Bicycle and Ride-On Wars Nov. 5, 2022 Cleveland TN

    Looks like a great show! Thanks for the vid.
  18. RustyGold


    A block of wood and an engineering hammer (aka 3lb sledge) should do the trick. Heat will make it easier...but, probably not necessary. I'd go as far as slotting a 2x4 an inch or so deep in to the 4" so it stays on target and straight during the persuasion whacks.
  19. RustyGold

    Monochrome Motocross

    I'd say since the slot is V-ing...the post is too big.
  20. RustyGold

    Hot Wheels Project

    Outstanding...and Happy Birthday!