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  1. wagonwx

    carrier type

    does anyone use a platfotm type carrier and do u like it campared to a convebtional one?
  2. wagonwx

    Tires for a middleweight cruiser 1.75?

    Hello All- I have a 50's Rollfast and which is bone stock down to the tires. My question is this: The original tires read 26 x1.75 - 2.125. What is the appropriate tire for this bike? 1.75? What is the largest tires that I can run on these rims? The rims seem more narrow than my Dyno roadster...
  3. wagonwx


    I can tell this is a cool forum You re welcome and have fun
  4. wagonwx

    Rear sprocket?

    What's the smallest rear sprocket I can put on a 3 speed nexxus hub? Also, where can I buy it? Thanks for your help
  5. wagonwx

    Hello ALL

    Just thought I'd better say hello and give a brief intro. I've been riding bikes everyday to work. The wife and I usually go for bike rides at least two or three times a week. It all started with a Trek Woody that I traded for. Then I traded for a Electra Rally Sport that is all tricked out with...