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  1. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    I haven't touched it in a while... Life keeps happening :whistle: Hopefully I'll be back on it real soon :113:
  2. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    :thumbsup: Thanks everyone ! Been a little hectic and haven't had much tinker time since .... Hopefully next week I can make up for lost time.... I'm Jonesin to get back in the garage :113:
  3. junknutz1975

    Lead Sled (Vlog 2 Posted)

    Awesome flow... Watching :thumbsup:
  4. junknutz1975

    Build Off Ten - Participant Location Map

    Chicopee , Check! :thumbsup:
  5. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    5/9/15 Quick back story :) The reason and inspiration for my build..... Back in the mid 50's my Grandfather opened a small local grocery store here in Chicopee ( a third location of 4 ) Ray's Supermarket on Grattan St. in the Aldenville section of town ( which closed in 1972 ) And...
  6. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    :21: Thanks Funk :) Yeah , I've got tons of tweaking ahead of me yet.. Should be fun :113:
  7. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    5/7/15 Feelin it yet ? :39: ( there is more to the back story and my inspiration... Follow along kids :showingbiceps: ) Who can afford the real thing anymore ?.... PLUS. What fun is shelling over tons of cash ? When you can build your own rendition.. Total...
  8. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    5/7/15 Today I had the day off so I got started.... Lots and lots of head scratching as usual... Spent a few hours in the garage playing it out in my head and mock up.. Made lots of sparks ( always a good day when there is sparks :crazy: ) Some more skeletons I'll be using... Trim...
  9. junknutz1975

    Tumblin Down....

    :whistle: Today I was finally able to get started on my build. I am officially jumping in the ring for my 3rd year in a row... This is the frame that I am starting off with. It is the remnants left behind after stripping it to build 3 other rats... Still some life left in it... So here goes...
  10. junknutz1975

    Degreasing Parts

    I've had real good luck using Spray Nine. Works like a charm :113:
  11. junknutz1975

    Dudley Mass. Swap 11/30

    Here are the pics of the side trip score.... My uncle had a black and white Fire Arrow as a kid.... He told me ages ago to keep my eyes out for one.... This one needs parts , and it has been Uglified with house paint.... SO a color change wouldn't be a bad thing.... I think I will surprise him...
  12. junknutz1975

    Dudley Mass. Swap 11/30

    Had a great time . I bought 2 ratty headlights and a ratty seat . On a side trip on the way home I bought a red and white Columbia Fire Arrow in Connecticut . Beautiful weather for sure :banana:
  13. junknutz1975

    Dudley Mass. Swap 11/30
  14. junknutz1975

    1945 Elgin by Junknutz1975

    Thanks guys ! :) Believe it or not.... This was taken on a bike ride down a snowmobile trail through the woods. This was a scrap wood pile in the middle of nowhere Fun ride! No trailer queen here :thumbsup:
  15. junknutz1975

    1945 Elgin by Junknutz1975

    1945 Elgin by Junknutz1975
  16. junknutz1975

    Freecycled Fifty - Modified Saddle

    Great Idea! :praise: This looks amazing :thumbsup:
  17. junknutz1975

    100 miles

    Impressive! :praise: I did a 40 miler on one of my rats :whistle:... Maybe someday I'll step it up to a hunge.....
  18. junknutz1975


    Welcome aboard ! :113: Sounds like an awesome stable :41: ....Looking forward to the pics :)
  19. junknutz1975


    I've been riding the wheels off the Elgin :113:
  20. junknutz1975

    Huffy Cranbrook " Rattitude Adjustment "

    My buddy LOVED it!! He was riding it the whole week at our campout In fact he made it his profile pic on facebook :113: check out Time Travel Camping Club on Facebook :thumbsup: