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  1. Hula NZ

    Greaser - "Great Balls of Fire!"

    Re: Greaser Great bike , all top notch, well done old chap
  2. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paridise Found

    Well here it is as it started out, Great old bike, but made better with a bit of Ratifing........... After a bit of TLC and some hard work, my new ride is ready ( well not quite ) Had a lot of fun on this and want to thank the team at Rat Rod Bikes to make this sort of...
  3. Hula NZ


    Bonzer ripper dute mate cracker digger, lets throw a few shrimp on the barbie and enjoy the bike with a few XXXX. Great job nice to see that from the flames comes a fire ball of a bike, cool to take a stranded bike and make it cool, well done old chap :D 8) :lol:
  4. Hula NZ

    My entry's in ...The Frightliner

    Re: Ahhh what the heck....My Flightliner cool bike looks like fun, great job old chap
  5. Hula NZ

    ?"RUNVS"? (Finished pics)

    WOW what a change looks sweet, great job, nice to see handle bars the right way up for a change, love the whole look and feel of the bike, its like a low riders for some one who doesn't go that low, you know, well done old chap :D
  6. Hula NZ

    Beach Picnic: Done, and she likes it!

    super sweet ride mate. love the how look and feel, not to over the top, job well done old chap
  7. Hula NZ

    Finished ZIG ZAG

    Great bike, great skills well done love the whole look
  8. Hula NZ

    splatter rat

    Top job young fella... keep it up and help dad out as much as you can, as i learnt most of my skills from my old man, cool bike
  9. Hula NZ


    Cool bike, love the wood work great job, nice frame nice finish, comp is heating up look out
  10. Hula NZ

    the King-Ray(added photo Aug. 01)

    Re: the King-Ray Super nice job, love the color and the whole look, clean and mean. Great bike....
  11. Hula NZ

    *** BILLET BULLET ***

    Plenty going on on this one, great job, you have skills
  12. Hula NZ

    Meshmerized completed!

    What a great looking bike love it, its gives me so many idea's for next the color and the use of mesh, stand up job old chap
  13. Hula NZ

    the Merc

    Great bike, love the tank and front end... top job old chap...
  14. Hula NZ


    Looks killer like the color, i think i will have to turn my bars as it looks to be the look at the moment
  15. Hula NZ

    Lady Luck

    Great bike love the over all look, sweet as bro
  16. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paradise

    Got to take for first popper ride today and just around the corner from home i picked up a @#$% nail in my back wheel. Not just a tack but a nice big 4"................... Got home and pulled out my Surf city and rolled about 1km from home and pop!!!!!!! Whats the chances two in one day.......
  17. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paradise

    yeh ha just got to ride the old girl today. rides nice and only needs a few minor tweaks before paint and finishing more pics next week :mrgreen:
  18. Hula NZ

    Black No.1

    Nice job, love the frame shape. did the rims and wheels fit ok, i had to bend my frame to heck and back to get the fats on. love the rope work, makes for an interesting lookwould love to learn how to pin stripe , good job looks great :D
  19. Hula NZ

    Pacific Paradise

    Yep we have the Hula cruiser club email me [email protected]
  20. Hula NZ

    Greaser - (7/28) Complete

    Re: Greaser - 5/17 update & pics Loving the look. nice front and rear, where do you get the speed o ?? Like the flame touch