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    Looking for a rustoleum light blue stingray build

    My gf really likes that bike and we saw it on here bf. But cant remember the build name. Please help
  2. K

    spike axle nuts

    Anyone know where to get spike axle nuts. Please help. post a link
  3. K

    PHAT XC3 Chopper - 11/30 Another Ride

    I simple straight bar would look sick
  4. K

    Gold rush

    I going to build a wooden tank and i got 2 punisher belt buckles that i will place on the tank and a basebal bat holder on the sissybar. Suicide 3 speed shifter under the banana seat. with a grenade shifter or skull shifter. maybe some fake plastic bullets i got at a halloween store last year.
  5. K

    Converted girls bikes

    I had a idea to convert a girls bike into something completely different. Let me see what u did with a girls bike
  6. K

    What to do with mountain bike springs

    I been saving some mountain bike springs for some reason. Any ideas what to do with them
  7. K

    fixing bent sprocket

    I need to straighten a bent sprocket on a bicycke i tend to flip. Any suggestions
  8. K

    Cleaning chrome

    I got a 1983 mongoose that has some slight rust. and what is the best way to clean up rust off chrome shine it up
  9. K

    What to do with shocks

    i mean this kind of shock.
  10. K

    What to do with shocks

    I have a few shocks from scrap bikes i found. And was wondering what to do with them. I have 1 idea. but want to see what u did with them
  11. K

    coastking mystery

    20 in tire size i think. mens stingray style frame. skinny tire. no fenders. 1 speed hub and bendix. banana seat and ape hangers. paint graphics
  12. K

    coastking mystery

    i got a so called coastking bearcat off craiglist. But cant find any other pics of a coast king bearcat. Please help
  13. K

    how to make a wood tank

    how do i make the template. Everytime i try it doesnt fit right
  14. K

    how to make a wood tank

    I have a muscle bike that i want to make a wooden acsent take for it. there any threads on how to do it. As much info on it will help
  15. K


    stole my idea. lol
  16. K

    wooden tanks

    I want to see your wooden tanks. i plan on putting one on my next project. so post yours
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    ... is this and how do i make it.

    Re: *** is this and how do i make it. i would weld a bar in the down tube for your feet
  18. K

    ... is this and how do i make it.

    Re: *** is this and how do i make it. smart@$$. i mean i want more then a overview of it. I want some details to make one
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    ... is this and how do i make it.

    I found this on craiglist anf also seen people riding them around. what is it and how can i make one.
  20. K

    My New Toy!

    those bars are the wrong style for that bike