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  1. bigredddaddy


    +1 This is an awesome place and I can easily refer others to it, and I've also noticed that if you google something rat bike related that lots of stuff pops up from here! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't change it! It would be like a city like Chicago changing names!
  2. bigredddaddy

    Girl plays electric guitar

    Verry cool! In the video, she's playing on a Parker guitar. About a $3000 ax, my last guitarist had one for studio work only. Watch the Bark at the Moon one to, ripped it up!
  3. bigredddaddy

    "Most over done trend?"

    I wasn't hating anything, if it sounded that way I'm sorry for that. Just putting my .02 out there. I personaly don't have a problem with anything that goes on anyone's bike. Again, I apologize if that offended.
  4. bigredddaddy

    "Most over done trend?"

    Trends are what others do to be cool, to fit in. Style is doing cool your own way. It's your bike, hook it up how ya want. I've got bikes on the to-do list that will see semi-flat bk and red rims. Not tryin' to offend anyone either, but I agree that if you ride, you need a helmet. I ride to work...
  5. bigredddaddy

    Hammerhead Trike and others

    That's awsome! I built one 4 years ago to ride to work in the winter, 7 blocks and I beat guys that live near me there! :lol: I've heard a lot of people say I outta put an engine on it, but I'm 6'3" and my hammerhead is a bit top heavy. Turning has to be slow or leaned into. Do you have the same...
  6. bigredddaddy

    Learnin' The Ropes (A Thread for Newbie Scratch Builders)

    Who says flux-core is week? A few years back, I bought a 4 door Corsica to run in the demo-derby and used my HF welder to weld 4X3 metal plates on the door seems,(2 each,12 total) and welded a 3X3 metal tube on the B pillars behind the seats. I took 2nd in the mid-size and the next weekend, my...
  7. bigredddaddy

    I bet the bike scene in your area isn't as lame as here.

    Here in small mid-west town USA, it's about the same. Mostly wal-mart MTBs and BMXs, and those weird realy tall bikes that the yuppies cruise, I have no idea what they are! Once in a while, I'll see someone riding an old balloner and I've also seen a Whizzer. So I do draw some looks riding a 9ft...
  8. bigredddaddy

    Snow tires

    Can't remember where I seen it, but there was a guy who drilled a ton of holes in a MTB tire and put a small nut and bolt in each. Then lined the inside of the tire with tape to protect the tube. Seems like a lot of work but could be cheaper.
  9. bigredddaddy

    Learnin' The Ropes (A Thread for Newbie Scratch Builders)

    For radious fitting tube together I hack-saw a "V" and then use a barrel shaped carbite drill bit to "fish-mouth" the end and check fit it as I go. I've also used my 4" angle grinder to do the same. Also a vice is realy useful to hold your tube, or a piece of wood and a C-clamp on the end of...
  10. bigredddaddy

    angle grinder

    I bought a angle grinder from Harbor Freight and it lasted about a year, died stripping paint on a demo car. I also strongly advise against buying 4" grinding disks from them, I did and had the first one exsplode and bust my knuckle,(yes I was wearing gloves too). Sucked to have a power tool...
  11. bigredddaddy

    The end is near...

    I have had my fill of "Dooms Day" stuff! I looked at my drivers licence and seen it exspires 10 25 2012 and joked that I souldn't have to get another since the world's gonna end a month later!
  12. bigredddaddy

    does anyone build bikes as a living?

    I personaly am working tward starting my own custom bicycle company and it realy is scaaaary to learn about all that you have to do to get going. All the legal non-sence alone makes you think "Dang! :? Forget it!!!" but the creative part in me see's all that crap as nessesary evils that we'll...
  13. bigredddaddy

    I've got alot of...

    I've got alot of crap that I don't have matches to or stuff that doesn't fit things I need them to and a bunch of have no idea what to put it on. I also find that a hand full of bikes could be built if only I had a "-----" and usualy the "-----" is more cash then I can blow on parts. I think I'm...
  14. bigredddaddy

    Lets see your bicycle work spaces!

    I'd like to post a pic of my garage but it's way too clutered. I've let it get piled up with to do stuff that I havn't done. Theres some bikes to fix/mod and some wood projects and some where in the pile is my '74 Cutlass! I also have a storage unit with a few bikes and car parts and the...
  15. bigredddaddy

    RRB has come a long way

    I still love poppin in here, there's always some cool stuff going on. These days about 70% of my online time is music related. But Rat Rod Bikes is up there on my fav bar, next to ultimate guitar. I was curious as to how can you find out what # you were when you joined up. I can't remember...
  16. bigredddaddy

    Looking for a lid...suggestions? Just need a spike....
  17. bigredddaddy


    Okay, not tryin' to violate RULE 10 here but I want to make sure. My Murry cruiser frame has a striped out fender brace that looks like a small triangle bar down behind the seat post. I'd like to replace it with a plate like the one on a newer Murry frame I have that mounts the rear brakes. This...
  18. bigredddaddy

    Maybe one more

    This bike is so awsome, and when I seen it yesterday I was stunned because it looked very similar to one that I drew up a week ago! The sketch I made didn't have twin bars thru the middle like yours, I planned on a 1" bar with a gradual bend and my bottom bracket is in the middle of a curved...
  19. bigredddaddy

    Disk break pads...

    Hey hey! I have an old 26"x1 3/8 back rim that has a disk break, on the caliper, it says Western Auto. I've looked around and can't find new pads. Anyone know where to get them?
  20. bigredddaddy


    My RRBBO4 was a Hawthorn, I found the frame and fork in a pile of bike junk that was headed to the scrap yard. Actualy got about 5 bike frames, this one had a badly rusted crank and had to be cut off. Two sets of fenders and 72 spoke rims that are nicely rusted now get it on the road again!