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    Archie Klunker

    Is there a prize for best name? If so, you've got my vote.
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    Fun to ooooh and aaah

    That's the used bike store for the Budget Bicycle Center in Madison, Wisconsin. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and took some pics because I didn't think my friends or family would believe it unless they saw it. And just like slacker said, this is only one of four stores they have on the...
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    Another Cranbrook

    Nice pin striping on the seat tube. Great looking color too.
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    police confiscate fixeds

    "No handbrakes....eliminates the need for upper body strength" That was priceless. And I needed the laugh, too. I've got no problem with a law requiring at least one brake. At least it will quiet the fixed-gear-uber-alles hipsters from arguing that a fixed gear bike can stop as well as a front...
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    Blue Grass Special

    Those factory bobbed fender look very nice. And that car rim inspired chain ring is pretty clever. I'd just throw on a pair of ape hangers, black grips, and a black seat with chrome springs and call it done. Maybe paint over the "blue" on the chain guard with the word "red" in matching text...
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    Chop Chop!

    It almost looks like you ran over somebody really, really short.
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    Craigslist Ripoff Of The Day.

    My memory isn't the best, but isn't that the guy who was trying to sell OCC chopper bikes on ebay for $1,500? If so, he's been called out in here twice. There can't be too many people with OCC chopper bikes and a purple microfiber couch. If it is the same guy, the question is (besides why would...
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    I should charge admission to see...

    Looks like someone skinned a Tribble.
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    AMF...flip or strip?

    Looks like an easy flip. After all, it says "Prestige"...
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    Project unchained... does it belong in the dumpster?

    See what kind of offers it gets in the classifieds here........
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    anybody tell me what this is?

    Hawthorne did a twin top tube like that on a men's model, but I really don't know much about the brand. Distinctive square cut outs on the chain ring...might be a clue.
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    Cool Bike Helmets - Anyone have one?

    I've got a monster noggin too, so the only helmet I've bought was the standard commuter style helmet which I could try on first at a bike store. Great functional design, and it makes me feel safe but kinda dorky... and doesn't really fit the style of a rat rod bike. I've been thinking about...
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    Many craft stores like Michael's carry it too.
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    bicycles anonymous.

    Gave away 2 for Christmas. That leaves 9 and a trike in a 1 bedroom apartment.
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    It's not that tough, not even close. Bring your powder coated frame here and I'll show you.
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    Anyone know what this little cruiser is?

    Take the paint off layer by layer, like with a wool pad. You might find something under there that gives you a good clue.
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    Atkins Sabre Flite

    Sweet, that's a nice little bike...
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    building a better bike

    I've thought about it. Despite a couple of things like having one of the best farmer's markets in the entire country (which most people outside of downtown and Ohio City never shop at) and northern Ohio's amazing heritage with the balloon tire bicycle age, things are so messed up in Cleveland it...
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    The most awesome... thing ever

    And a fuzzy steering wheel cover.