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  1. ParkRNDL

    Interesting free bike find

    Spent 10 minutes fixing the backwards seatpost and sticking on this wheelset I had here (Specialized hoops and Phil Wood hubs) and now it looks like a candidate for a good cleaning/refreshing...
  2. ParkRNDL

    the I'll show you OFF TOPIC bike thread

    It's a P.K. Ripper. Look close at the down tube just behind the kid's right foot (Pony sneakers, remember them?). The light blue letters are the P.K. Not my pic, but like this: His buddies all had cool bikes. I remember the Ripper, a Redline, a couple Mongooses (Mongeese?), Hutch, others. I...
  3. ParkRNDL

    Interesting free bike find

    Oooooh, that stem! And the Bear Trap pedals! And that rear wheel is apparently the Pro Class wheel that Chuy mentioned above. Apparently, though, this one also is missing the original front wheel. From the eleven minutes of Google research I did on this earlier today, it looks like that one is...
  4. ParkRNDL

    the I'll show you OFF TOPIC bike thread

    I see Redstone red mags, a red Sugino or similar chainring/spider, and red pedals (Sugino? SR?). Is that a Predator by any chance? Flashbacks to my brother's '83(ish) that he built all up with paper route money... This pic was after he put the blue Z-Rims on it, but I remember it had red mags...
  5. ParkRNDL

    Interesting free bike find

    What was the pro class wheelset? I just noticed now that the rear hoop is Araya, which is a nice surprise. If it still had the matching front, I'd be thrilled.
  6. ParkRNDL

    Interesting free bike find

    Well this was unexpected. I responded to this ad thinking it was a Wal-goose. My intention was to rob the rear wheel to use on the Beachcomber, which has been sidelined due to an unfortunate hub shell implosion. But upon closer inspection, this is a pretty interesting specimen of early...
  7. ParkRNDL

    1987 Mongoose ATB Women's

    So this was an interesting find. I thought it was a Wal-goose but apparently not. Kinda makes me feel bad to blow it apart for parts, which was my original intention...
  8. ParkRNDL

    Sid (finished)

    Life got busy so I'm sitting out this build-off, but I figured I'd check in. This build is FANTASTIC. I love the patina/barn find look. That's what I did for my Coppertone Fastback in a recent MBBO.
  9. ParkRNDL

    “Cruisers” coffee table book at Ollie’s Outlet

    I can see this book was discussed here on RRB maybe 10 years ago, but I had never seen it before. Just snagged one at my local Ollie’s Outlet for 5 clams. If you have an Ollie’s near you, hit them up.
  10. ParkRNDL

    Not a bike, but useful for working on bikes

    Scored this Snap-On tool chest at a yard sale for 25 bucks. No keys. I took the lock apart when I got it home; you can see the lock bars in the top of the box and the lock cylinder in that little Ziploc bag. There's a good locksmith in town; I'm going to try to get a key made. From the...
  11. ParkRNDL

    Interesting observation: Class 1 & Class 2

    Anybody besides me have the thought that to the causal observer, this year's Class 1 winner looks like it could be a Class 2 bike while the Class 2 winner looks like it could be a Class 1 bike? There's a profound point there about good aesthetics transcending rules and limitations, but I can't...
  12. ParkRNDL


    I was eager to see it too
  13. ParkRNDL

    Penny-farthings: an eye-opening experience

    yep. that's why I haven't been back on one. I've decided its safer for me to be a spectator :bigsmile:
  14. ParkRNDL

    Next build off………

    When I started here on RRB, I was all about the muscle bikes. In the intervening years, though, my focus has shifted to cruisers and middleweights. I may build up the enthusiasm to get this whacked together for the MBBO; it's been a collection of parts in the dungeon for a couple years now. I...
  15. ParkRNDL


    Right? And the frame/tank/guard design on the Evans... wow.
  16. ParkRNDL

    Return of the “Hey, that’s cool!” thread...

    just stumbled on this thread and found this post; thank you very much :cool: no joke. I need to remember this in future builds.
  17. ParkRNDL

    I so freaking want this bike

    Love me some Coppertones Schwinn: Ross: Sears/Murray:
  18. ParkRNDL

    Murray/AMC Beachcomber VII

    Ideas and designs I was inspired by/emulated/borrowed/stole
  19. ParkRNDL

    Pure class

    Between the grips and the woodwork, this build is next level stuff. Bravo.
  20. ParkRNDL

    Murray/AMC Beachcomber VII

    How I got it: Some things I did with it before this: Then it got scavenged for parts and needed love: