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  1. Riverbend Bicycles

    Full Suspension E-Fatbike

    This project is finally finished. I did ride it quite a bit last fall and it seems to perform very well. Now that it's done I plan to use it a lot. Here's a short video and some pictures.
  2. Riverbend Bicycles

    Swing Monster Bike (videos p.5)

    Re: swing monster bike Man, you've got me excited now. I can't wait to see that crank. Is that a spoke threading tool. If so, where did you get it? Excellent work so far.
  3. Riverbend Bicycles

    Full Suspension E-Fatbike

    This is a project that I started back in February, but decided not to post it until now. The video will explain a lot of it. I've also included some various build pictures. It's a lot of fun to ride. I will update this thread as I begin to finish it, although that might not be until winter...
  4. Riverbend Bicycles


    Well, it's finally done. I apologize for taking so long. I have no excuse, I just needed to let this one sit for awhile. Now that it's done I'm happy with it, but this one was kind of a nightmare. I pushed things a little too far with the design and it pushed back hard. It does ride well...
  5. Riverbend Bicycles

    Hiawatha Restoration

    I finally got back into the bike shop about a month ago. This restoration was done for a customer. As you can see from the first picture, it was in rather good shape. I was really impressed at how straight the fenders were. With every bike I work on, I seem to learn something new. On this...
  6. Riverbend Bicycles


    I like your style. Definately should have taken first. Especially since the first place bike doesn't look rideable.
  7. Riverbend Bicycles


    The Buddha bike is built and just waiting for me to start the body work and paint. I got the cables routed and have been riding it around occasionally. I screwed up and didn't get it finished before the farming season started. Now I have to wait for a rainy day to get any more done. Too bad...
  8. Riverbend Bicycles

    Sears fixed gear

    I really like your conversion. It's a lot more practical than mine. My wife did ride it quite a bit last summer, but I would probably use your version more. It's amazing how light these frames are, I think the fixed gear weighed in just under 23 pounds. Which isn't bad for Sears bike.
  9. Riverbend Bicycles

    New Bike

    Your work is way to nice to be covered up with paint. That doesn't mean I don't like the yellow, because I do.
  10. Riverbend Bicycles

    Last Shot finally finished

    Very well done. You should be proud of that one. The heavier springs on that fork really look great.
  11. Riverbend Bicycles


    I got the shifter mounted and took a quick picture. I haven't tried it yet, but I do like how it looks.
  12. Riverbend Bicycles


    I've been working on the shifter this week. This was my first actual project using the new lathe and mill. The shifter will mount on top of the backbone and control the Sturmey Archer 8 speed hub. There is a ball spring plunger inside that is supposed to index each gear. I didn't quite...
  13. Riverbend Bicycles

    Winter Project Finished!!!

    I love it. I probably don't want to know what that fork is worth.
  14. Riverbend Bicycles


    Here's mine, though I doubt I would ever try jumping it over a stump.
  15. Riverbend Bicycles


    I'll clip them eventually. Might be painful if I left them.
  16. Riverbend Bicycles


    I get spokes shorter than 300mm from Dans Comp. They've never complained when I give 15 or more different lengths and they still only charge me .20 a spoke. The longer spokes come from Rocky Mountain High Wheel in Colorado. They cost quite a bit, but without them these bikes wouldn't happen.
  17. Riverbend Bicycles


    I finally got the spokes in and tensioned. I still have a long ways to go. I'm still trying to design an eight speed shifter. I had always planned to mount it to the frame hub, but have now decided to try and make one that will mount on top of the frame. The reason for this is that I don't...
  18. Riverbend Bicycles

    Last Shot....With Paint

    Re: Last Shot You've done an excellent job on this build. I love the modified springer and am amazed at how much you get done in a day.
  19. Riverbend Bicycles

    Last Shot....With Paint

    Re: Last Shot What are your plans for the seat post? Something like the original Basmans have would work nice and give more adjustment.
  20. Riverbend Bicycles


    I finally got some work done on the bike. I decided to split and lengthen the bars. This took awhile as I had to make the brackets to hold the bars to the fork tubes. The seat is an antique two pan type. I chose it because it looked easy to upholster. It will probably be covered in natural...