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  1. 12bcruzin

    Ebay annoyance..opinions??

    You had better come up with a way to deal with this because it will happen more often than not. First, the seller probably wants/needs as much as he can get from the bike or parts. I can relate because my sales help fund this hobby and making deals cuts into my pocketbook. In my opinion the...
  2. 12bcruzin

    Let's see your bike in front of...

    Here I am in the staging area of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix...
  3. 12bcruzin

    Late 50's Schwinn value ? W/Pic

    Re: Late 50's Schwinn phantom value ? Without pics hard to tell but not a bad price...just make sure you have as many original parts as possible (Bars, stem, seat, lights, reflector, pedals and hardware) as these can really add up later but at least parts are always around...but the key here is...
  4. 12bcruzin

    does this ever happen to you?

    Been there and experienced that...I built up a 48 Hornet with all original parts and I thought it looks so cool...took it for a ride and I swear it was pulling a freakin trailer! I have several prewar bikes that ride fine and are a pleasure to put in miles but this thing was a tank. Measured the...
  5. 12bcruzin

    So Cal Rat Rod Ride*update and edited*

    The 3d flyover feature on mapmyride is way cool...thanks for posting...
  6. 12bcruzin

    Proper Head badge for a 1941 Schwinn DX curvebar

    My 41 DX is equipped with "Planes and Trains" badge and "Schwinn" decal on curved downtube.. "Ace" badged bikes typically featured Ace decals-other badges like LaSalle, Majestic, Excelsior and others also featured matching decals. And as is usually the case, there are always exceptions...
  7. 12bcruzin

    Why would anyone want to make ratrods?

    Man, that is what I like about this site versus some of the others...all of these responses were nicer than anything I could come up with...thanks everyone for being such nice freakin rats... :lol:
  8. 12bcruzin

    Staining/Aging White Tires

    I have thought about this too...hate the bright white whitewalls on an original finish bike...I think I am going to try to use liquid clothes dye and how water to add a tint...just have to try a couple of different ratios to see what happens...and remember to write it down somewhere...
  9. 12bcruzin

    New monthly SO CAL ride starting Jan 29th!

    Nowhere in my post did I say anything about anyone being "displeased" so don't be so sensitive...I was simply letting people know the history of the group as a matter of definition. The big rides are a great opportunity to meet collectors from all over California so enjoy...
  10. 12bcruzin

    New monthly SO CAL ride starting Jan 29th!

    This is a tough vintage bike collectors and enthusiasts, we want to showcase the old bikes and bring collectors together. The Coasters ride has always been a "vintage" ride and the motto is "Ride Vintage" but they were quickly overwhelmed with a large turnout of newer bikes that...
  11. 12bcruzin

    Drop stand question

    I am pretty sure that the stand with the built in stops has to be mounted next to the frame to keep it locked in against the frame and the clip goes on the inside of the fender...
  12. 12bcruzin

    Huffman Gallery

    Here is my "if I had a basement, this would be a dweller" Special...
  13. 12bcruzin

    Cruisers, Building Schwinn Bikes on Venice Beach

    Been to the shop, cool little place in Venice just off the beach least I think he is still there...does a lot of fixies, has his own frame design and plays with the vintage stuff. Cool video...
  14. 12bcruzin

    Schwinn Springer Fork Help - What size it this!?!?

    Man, you guys are trying too is a special bolt, buy a new one and be done with it. You have spent more in gas and energy trying to find one than it is worth...and here it Dan or wait a little while until a used one shows up... ...
  15. 12bcruzin

    Is Memory Lane gone?

    Memory Lane is fine and open for business, just some major phone/telecom switch issue that is getting worked out. Lisa has already confirmed that everything is open and phones should be working anytime soon...
  16. 12bcruzin

    New Years Day Ride in Albuquerque (Short Notice)

    I was in search and destroy mode looking for stuff and was kind of focused in. I saw you out of the corner of my eye and when I circled back that way you were gone, sorry bout that...I rode all around the place and nobody said anything so the cops must have been on lunch break...maybe next visit...
  17. 12bcruzin

    New Years Day Ride in Albuquerque (Short Notice)

    Thanks for the offer guys, very generous. I actually brought a bike with me and rode a little but was visiting with family all week and not much time to spare...thanks anyway
  18. 12bcruzin

    New Years Day Ride in Albuquerque (Short Notice)

    Is that the swap meet on Central? I was there cruising my prewar cycletruck looking for stuff...not too many vendors but found a few things not bike related...
  19. 12bcruzin

    New Years Day Ride in Albuquerque (Short Notice)

    Will be in the area for Christmas...know of any vintage bikes for sale?
  20. 12bcruzin

    Does anyone have this bike?

    Looks like a heavy duty paper boy or delivery bike...has thicker spokes, wider chain and different frame. Bikes of the same year or close used a curved second top bar like this: