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  1. Old Scool

    Huffy frame Tube Caps: Rail, Wheel, Slingshot, Dragster, etc.

    Sorry, I haven't been checking on my page recently. I answered your other post, contact me directly at [email protected]
  2. Old Scool

    AMF Daytona

    Chaingard looks familiar :happy:
  3. Old Scool

    Muscle Bike Build Off....anyone up for it?!?

    OK so now this seems to be a trend, LukeTheJoker maybe we should add a third class for us guys over/under 225 lb especially since I'm a 6'1" 250 pounder :39::rofl:
  4. Old Scool

    Time Capsule - early 60's Western Flyer - $500 or trade for vintage electronics

    Beautiful bike! So whats the story, where and how did you come across this amazing find?
  5. Old Scool

    Schwinn Fast back

    Yeah $150 sounds about right, then clean and flip it, take that profit and put it towards buying a Huffy Rail project. Sorry, I couldn't help myself :) Seriously it's not a bad starter at all for that $150 - $200 range.
  6. Old Scool

    Not a Bike

    I took my boy hunting and fishing growing up and they were some of the best times of my life, I loved getting in before sunrise sitting with my son in a blind watching the sun come up and all of nature wake around us. Then my boy also got too busy to hunt or fish anymore but last year after...
  7. Old Scool

    Huffy frame Tube Caps: Rail, Wheel, Slingshot, Dragster, etc.

    The frame caps are meant to give you a permanent replacement for the original chrome plated plastic tube frame caps that came stock on the 1960's 1970's Huffy bikes. The original plastic tube frame caps are usually broken, missing, or become dull in appearance and tend to crack and allow the...
  8. Old Scool

    REDUCED =☆ Ratty parts ~ more to come ☆=

    What about that other reflector under the safety one you sold, is it the type with a single bolt on the back of the reflector? and how much if for sale?
  9. Old Scool

    JC HIGGINS 16 Inch Pig Finished!

    NICELY DONE! That is a beautiful fade job you did, you always do great work and I can't wait to see it finished.
  10. Old Scool

    The Life Saver: 1971 AMF Renegade 3

    Totally get it, have been there now going on two years, reason I didn't jump in last years build off. But I'm picking up a bike for the first time in a while in Indianapolis this weekend and hoping to jump in myself.
  11. Old Scool

    1968 Firestone Wheel Bike

    Ahhh beautiful Jaxon! I'm about 90% done with a Firestone Rail in red right now and I think that would look great right next to it! :39:
  12. Old Scool

    Any ideas oin what this is? Or was?

    Awesome start of a Huffy "The Wheel" bike.
  13. Old Scool

    Screamer Mini 16 Inch Handlebars

    Nicely done, it looks great. So does yours Kingfish, love the name Mothra.
  14. Old Scool

    Hoping to replace an old friend....

    I don't want to speak for him but if you find one that needs restoring and you don't want to do it CRASH is the guy to call, his work is top notch!
  15. Old Scool

    Incomplete N.O.S. Huffy Daisy Tandem

    That is a really cool bike, I could just see me and my wife tooling around on it.
  16. Old Scool

    MBBO 2017 Class 1 VOTING!

    Congratulations Crash a well deserved 1st place, two beautiful bikes.
  17. Old Scool

    "Dragst-Her" - 1969 Huffy Super Stock restomod

    I've already said it but I'll say it again, the coolest girls bike out there. I could only imagine how many girls would have wanted one like this if it were offered up by Huffy when I was a kid. You're daughter has got to love it!
  18. Old Scool

    "Dragst-Her" (Class 1)

    Brother one of your finest, don't ever let this one go . . . but if you do you know how to get hold of me :41:
  19. Old Scool

    1967 Schwinn Fastback

    Beautiful job, looks like an NOS showroom condition bike.
  20. Old Scool

    "Dragst-Her" (Class 1)

    Great detail on the workings, now I hope I can get lucky enough to find one and try this out.