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    Giant bmx cruiser convertion

    Well done, love it!
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    SOLD Worksman 26x2.125 wheelset F/S

    Chuck I'd like to purchase a set if you have them left still? Mike
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    Gas Money

    Really nice Camel Back Matt, can't wait to see it finished! I'm Rat Rodding a early Raleigh Colt Camel Back ... so seeking tips on your bulidup.
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    Italian Roast Espresso

    Nice work, love the retained patina besides single speed conversion!
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    Nicely done!
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    Straight Bar frame only.

    Wanted straight bar ... Worksman, Husky, or Summit frame only.
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    SOLD Delete

    Who wouldn't love that one ... terrific hope you post pics when complete.:wink1:
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    SOLD Delete

    Chuck: still available?
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    Bicycle Shirt SALE $16

    Soft but are they 100% cotton or a blend?
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    The Rattiest 26” BMX

    Really terrific ... love this application. Great job!
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    Pre 50's rear facing dropouts

    Thank you for that advise ... it appears that would be the easiest and productive way to do it.
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    Pre 50's rear facing dropouts

    Frankly I wish they dropouts were a bit over 3/8" but they are very close to 1/2 inch and appear to be consistent in that measurement with little to no wear points.
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    Pre 50's rear facing dropouts

    Frustrated with any reasonable response to a Sturmey Archer internal 3 speed axle .375 (10mm) that floats within the factory dropout that measures .480/.497 (14mm) the centering washers also measure .375 (10mm) thereby leaving the hub laying in the bottom of this dropout without any reasonable...
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    SOLD 1947 Huffman Texas Special custom build, daily rider.

    Pierce doing a few tasks ... the chainguard repair and reset the Sturmey Archer to grab low better. While removing the front fork to service the hub it was noticed that the truss plate attached to the front fork was coming apart internally. That said for the life of me I cannot determine what...
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    SOLD 1947 Huffman Texas Special custom build, daily rider.

    Pierce a few things ... first finally took the Texas Special on a significant ride and was even more pleased with the acceleration, handling, and some stopping power, anyway all good. Second you had suggested to me that you were moving into 28" early bikes (I think) that said, I'd be...
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    SOLD 1947 Huffman Texas Special custom build, daily rider.

    To a most appreciative enthusiast ... the bike is precisely what you described and put simply I could not be more pleased with your going beyond the call to transport it door to door. It doesn't get any better than that!! Mike
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    SOLD ‘51 Schwinn lightweight frame/fork

    You would not know the model as there were a number of touring type bike in 1951? Thank you, Mike
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    Previous early bike chain stay discussion

    You were on the right track ... it was from Klunkers and Mountain Bike Forum, under Industrial Klunkers and Frame Comparison. Explores the basics pretty well would be nice to have more definitive information.
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    Previous early bike chain stay discussion

    Recall seeing a conversation about the Schwinn or Westfield type early bikes, therein the discussion was quite good and rated the reasons to purchase a particular maker to build a Klunker bike from. One point very interesting was his review of straight opposed to bent upward rear lower chain...
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    SOLD CWC frame Roadmaster Badge (repaint) $100 + shipping

    Realize you are aware of the down tube issue, as you know that can be a relatively simple fix or a nightmare. How badly is the bottom bracket affected, have you verified that the BB is not out of round from previous work? Still interested ... but Mike