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  1. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL All American Varsity

    There should be a lust emoji available…oh wait, 😛 I guess that’ll do.
  2. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Schwindecisive

    Schwinnreresting….love it! 😁
  3. Lowe Beau


    Tres cool 😎
  4. Lowe Beau

    UNLIMITED Escalation!

    It’s kind of odd that you’d mention that. My Suzuki FA50 Shuttle underbone/no-ped isn’t much larger than a BMX bicycle
  5. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Flying Star Rat

    I’ve never seen a bicycle that looked so lovely even when disassembled…this is going to be good.
  6. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Schwindecisive

    That name alone drew interest. I love it when a fellow Schwinnthusiast uses Schwinnglish…. By the way that bike is 🍒 , mate. Props!
  7. Lowe Beau

    ORBO Step-Thru Klunker

    That’s so funky (in the best possible connotation)
  8. Lowe Beau

    Best place I could think of for this….

    Thanks Pondo. This particular one may be best suited for gravel trails but I’m certain that the setup (it’s a 46er 😉😏) will be quite beneficial when it comes to inclines (which we have in abundance here in the ‘ham) . That’s the reason why I went with short apes (that and it’s something I’ve not...
  9. Lowe Beau

    Best place I could think of for this….

    I mentioned a Cranbrook w/ knobbies a while back….😁. When I test her out I’ll try to snap more pics
  10. Lowe Beau


    Just occurred to me…d-uh! They’re the same company
  11. Lowe Beau


    Cool seatpost
  12. Lowe Beau


    I’m biased towards Murray’s as well (Although there’s a Higgins in my den that needs finishing) and I love the curves of a cantilever. I’d just mash the two up and ditch the step through but different strokes for different folks. Really keen on seeing how this will turn out 🙂
  13. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Raleigh-Up

    Oddly enough they came standard on the Huffy Escape that I have. I recall reading somewhere that at some point Raleigh had actually made a few bikes for Huffy. I know the Sportsman was rebadged but I’ve often wondered about the the Escape because most of my other geared Huffys are Shimano equipped
  14. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Raleigh-Up

    I meant finger shifters
  15. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Raleigh-Up

    Oh I love those vintage shifters as well. The thumb ones are cool but the twist grips are indeed the business as far as I’m concerned…
  16. Lowe Beau


    I wish they would have done a collaboration with the Fu-schnickens….
  17. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Raleigh-Up

    By the way, Those Raleigh’s can be a different beast to work on, right?
  18. Lowe Beau

    TRADITIONAL Raleigh-Up

    The title alone is so clever. This bike reminds me of my Sprite (that I should get to spanning on). Can’t wait to see the restoration and/or alterations🙂
  19. Lowe Beau

    Cafe bikes

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I actually dig it…then again I’ve been told that I have strange tastes
  20. Lowe Beau


    Wow I have the guys version of this…