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  1. DesmoDog

    1971 Schwinn Runabout ????

    We had one of those at the shop where I worked. I'd like to have one but when I started looking the prices made the idea seem less attractive...
  2. DesmoDog

    SWB0 E=mc2 (relatively finished)

    I see what you did there!
  3. DesmoDog


    Forgive me quoting myself but it gives a little background so it seemed not all that inappropriate... So yeah, I have an old Rockhopper Comp. I thought it was too small. I made lame attempts to find another one in a larger size. gave up. And then stumbled onto one! I'm pretty sure I posted...
  4. DesmoDog

    I Think I Just Became a Motorcycle Enthusiast

    Allen Millyard (Who I think built that Viper powered bike) has built a lot of auto engined motorcycles, and some really cool engines for them by making inline 4s into V8s and I'm pretty sure a CBX into a V12? I envy his skills... I'm thinking a V8 motorycle engine in a car could be pretty dang...
  5. DesmoDog

    I Think I Just Became a Motorcycle Enthusiast

    Please excuse the following rant. I promise I don't feel as strongly about it as the post might indicate. It's not meant to be a flame towards anyone who's posted. Trigger alert - as a long time motorcycle fan there are a few triggers in this thread that have awakened my grumpy old man mode...
  6. DesmoDog


    After years of thinking abotu building up a Typhoon frame, I saw one sitting on the side fo the road while on my way to dinner one night. It was still there when I went by again so I took it as a sign and decided to finally do it. Here's what I started with I bought a fork and chainguard for...
  7. DesmoDog

    Are all axles created equally?

    Not for nothing but you can buy these things for about $3 in metric and stupid, er, imperial sizes. Doesn't help sizing nuts I suppose but for bolts and axles and things...
  8. DesmoDog

    The Rustacean

    Are you going to remove any more of the paint before you weld? Cuz if you leave it like that you're going to remove a lot of it WHEN you weld...
  9. DesmoDog

    Columbia 🐪 CamelBack - ‘21 2n1

    I like your frame stand! I also prefer the lighter color if you're asking. ;-)
  10. DesmoDog

    Zasada Rides Again

    I've gone back and edited my reply to this thread - turns out I have no idea what I'm talking about. Of course I was 2:30 am and I was just about to drift off to sleep when for some reason this popped into my head, so now I'm wide awake again... I tell ya if it's not one thing it's another.
  11. DesmoDog

    Zasada Rides Again

    EDIT #2 - And as I was just about to fall asleep tonight it occurred to me that the following would be true only if the bike had a fixed gear. If the wheel is allowed to coast there is no fixed relationship between the wheel position and crank position. So... Never mind. If you have a 1:2...
  12. DesmoDog

    The next build off? Plans for the future

    I like your bike's bike trailer. ;-)
  13. DesmoDog

    OA bath and after tips help

    Chrome doesn't rust - the steel under it does. There is no chrome under the rust. If there are pits they are in the base metal. Prep, prime, level, and paint IMHO.
  14. DesmoDog

    Spokes pulled out thru rim

    Is this the same rim as in the other post that shows it so bent? That rim is trash even if you fix the holes.
  15. DesmoDog

    Straighten bent fork?

    If you want to reinforce the stem, screw the locknut back on the top.
  16. DesmoDog

    You in with what?

    I'd like to be in, but I haven't got a great idea of what to do. Well, that's not true. I have a good idea but I'm not at all prepared with parts. Plus, it'd be another bike for me... What I need to do is put something together for my wife. She has a bike now but doesn't like it, it steers to...
  17. DesmoDog

    End of an Era

    I'm pretty sure I saw where the Camaro is taking a break but won't be gone for good? Edit: Looks like it's coming back as an electric vehicle...
  18. DesmoDog

    What Clear coat to use with new paint job?

    Same type if not same brand of clear as the base. Do a test shot before comitting as the clear can wrinkle/lift the base coat and/or dissolve the decals.
  19. DesmoDog

    What Clear coat to use with new paint job?

    (some) Guitar guys like the way a nitro finsh starts to crack and check as the years go on. It's a feature for them...
  20. DesmoDog

    Bottom bracket 60s Schwann cruiser

    I used a sealed bearing bottom bracket in an adapter on my Typhoon. Worked great, I'll be buying more of the sealed bottom brackets in the future I'm sure.