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  1. Philbilly

    LowCaine the Mirada

    Stocked to see what you do with it I have about the same year after seeing this I might have to start thinking about what I can do with mine
  2. Philbilly

    The nel lusso rat rod

    Here are just engine pics
  3. Philbilly

    The nel lusso rat rod

    Not understanding exactly what you mean it is a 100cc as far as I'm aware was a behind the garage junk find it was locked up when i got it cleaned and painted jug cleaned rings up had to put new electrical in engine other than all o and i opened the exhaust a little
  4. Philbilly

    Trexlertown , Pa

    Thank you getting ahold of a guy here their is some kind of festival all kinds of bikes and parts
  5. Philbilly

    The nel lusso rat rod

    Thank you if you look close there have been many upgrades it's been fun would love to get together with others like it
  6. Philbilly

    The nel lusso rat rod

    This is my bike would like to know if there are any kind of runs or meets for these kind of bikes
  7. Philbilly

    10th Annual Trexlertown Spring bicycle swap meet.

    Thank you very much for getting back to me hoping to be there in fall
  8. Philbilly

    Trexlertown , Pa

    Does this happen every year