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    Looks good man. Where in Texas are you? Work in progress. We just been here since end of October.
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    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    Messin around with my huffy
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    26" spruce goose bmx

    Are you going to critical mass this Friday?
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    Hello from Houston

    Usually we meet around 7 this Friday I have some guys coming by to work on his vw bug but we are cruising to the frankenbike show Saturday morning.
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    Just bought a bike

    I appreciate the help. After looking on here I found this that looks like the same one, minus the top bar that is removable.
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    Hello from Houston

    We ride the waterway and surrounding area mostly the waterway and market street.
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    Hello from Houston

    We ride in the woodlands just about every Friday sometimes Saturdays. I am in spring and we have a guy in conroe that has a bike similar to yours. Maybe I will convince I'm to sign up here and he will post some pics.
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    New guy in Spring Texas

    I am starting to accumulate too many bikes and been riding for the past year or so, I am really diggin the rat bikes I have seen around town. I have a favorite bike I ride which is a 24 " free agent and also a cheap Walmart bike I been changing things up on.
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    Just bought a bike

    Not sure what I have any help is appreciated. The odd thing to me is the way in which the middle bar attaches to the seat post , the top bar removes like a bantam but the middle bar is different and the top bar isn't exactly the same.