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  1. roadmaster

    I Mead Some Help

    Beautiful bike that looks great just as it sits imo.
  2. roadmaster

    Year/ model identification Ward Hawthorne bicycle

    40's Snyder or Westfield built it looks like. Really cool bike.
  3. roadmaster

    Help with frame ID

    Not much to go on, but I suspect the 2nd set of numbers may be a catalogue number perhaps. Id suspect as just a guess that it MAY be a Huffy, AMF or Columbia build. Get picts if you can.
  4. roadmaster

    Anyone ever heard of Ranger/Rangerette bicycles?

    So I have a late 50's to perhaps late 60's mystery bicycle that may possibly be a Ranger or Rangerette (since it is a step thru frame). I never heard of this brand and don't know if it is it's own manufacturer or made by someone else. My regular camera isn't working and was only able to post...
  5. roadmaster

    What Sprocket is this?

    I gotta agree, that tandem is most likely late 60's to mid 70's and the answer is actually on the headbadge here. Yours is stamped 0539, which indicates it was built on the 53rd day of a year ending in 9, most likely a 69' or a 79' ... assuming that is the original headbadge fo the bike.
  6. roadmaster

    What Trek is this?

    Cool Trek cruiser. I see one too many wires/cables running on this thing for it to be a single speed though. All the black on it looks cool though and bet it rides nice too. This bike is probably in their catalogue within the last 10 years, as I do not know what actual model it is.
  7. roadmaster

    single speed I.D. ???

    Usually don't find cromo forks on a crap bike and that frame looks to be a descent quality.
  8. roadmaster

    Hawthorne serial number

    late 30's to late 40's would be my only guess, but that is probably obvious. Nice frame though
  9. roadmaster

    NEXT fork question.

    I am going to guess that triple crown suspension forks have finally trickled their way down into department store bikes. Although I have not see this at my local X-Mart, there are probably bikes equip with these on their rack, if not at least in their catalog. Quality and performance likely to...
  10. roadmaster

    single speed I.D. ???

    This looks to be a modern frame, meaning I m fairly confident it made 1990ish to present. The Cro Mo" decal and modern 3 piece BB.
  11. roadmaster

    Need more info. Potential BOX entries

    My first thoughts on the first bike is a 70's Columbia as well, but I see Monark as being plausible if I am wrong. Never heard of the Mowhawk name before but both cool bikes.
  12. roadmaster

    girls western flyer bicycle what the sam hill is it please lol ?

    +1 to what Adam said. AMF, makers of Roadmaster at the time, also sold bikes badged as Western Flyers and a few other off brands. Cool bike
  13. roadmaster

    auction bikes...need values!

    Your Tyhoon will be lucky to fetch $175 and the Penny's Formost probably coming in at $100 to $150 on a good day. Depends on the area in which your selling them although they are both in descent shape. In an area starved classic bikes, I'd maybe say an extra $50 each is possible.
  14. roadmaster

    Fleet wing???

    Rather sure it is a Royce Union, an English built bike. Raleigh, Royce Union and Phillips are the main English makes I am familure with. Raleigh probably took them all over though. Cool English racer
  15. roadmaster

    Need help identifying this one!

    1959. 3 piece cranks make me think its of overseas make.
  16. roadmaster


    Definently a Murray. Ser# can be looked up at
  17. roadmaster

    Need help identifying this one!

    Provided the SA rear hub is the stock wheel, there will be a 2 digit number stamped on the hub to indicate year of production.
  18. roadmaster

    I don't have a clue!

    Definatly a Westfield built bike, Columbia perhaps. Cool find.
  19. roadmaster


    Tomorrow morning I officially enter RRBO 10 with my first post . We just gotta start a new thread here and keep track of our progress, right?
  20. roadmaster

    How many miles on your build off bike?

    My new 2012 Schwinn Breeze has an easy 200 miles on it, being my main commuter bike to work (as it IS replaceable). Since I got it a couple months ago, an easy 100 miles on my 56' Schwinn Corvette (although it looks to have many more). My wife's SGK 7speed cruiser... not counting the 10 break in...