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  1. bikesntrikes

    Mead Cycle Co Crusader-Ranger

    Also, what year is it?
  2. bikesntrikes

    Mead Cycle Co Crusader-Ranger

    Trying to thin out my heard. Need to know if this bike is original or is it a repro?? What's the value? Thanks.
  3. bikesntrikes

    Schwinn Twinn Now in pics!

    I have a chain guard for that bike. PM or email me (modelking2000 at hotmail dot com).
  4. bikesntrikes

    Schwinn Twinn Now in pics!

    I have a chain guard for that bike. PM or email me (modelking2000 at hotmail dot com).
  5. bikesntrikes

    1941 Dodge Luxury Liner

    30s and 40s cars are the coolest! Reminds of a time a few years ago when I pulled this 37 Chrysler Airflow out of a garage where it sat for 20 years. And this is the current state it's in. I also sold this 47 Dodge D24 Club Coupe a few months ago for $650. No drivetrain, but otherwise...
  6. bikesntrikes

    To sell or not to sell...

    Yup, I put up a little more than a dozen on CL a few days ago. I'm still keeping about six other bikes. Many have called, but none have showed up. Everyone wants them for cheap!
  7. bikesntrikes

    To sell or not to sell...

    I've been pondering this question for the last few days. I have a small bicycle collection that I've ammassed over the last few years. The bikes are not rare, but are of vintage. I have a little over a dozen bikes that I'm thinking about selling. This will leave me with 4-5 others to keep...
  8. bikesntrikes

    SF bay area?

    Also in San Jose.
  9. bikesntrikes

    My '54 Ford F-100

    Nice looking F100 and the Chevy! You should have done what I did. I bought my 52 Panel about six years ago. Then, two years later, I bought the 37 Airflow for the family to cruise in on Sundays.
  10. bikesntrikes

    50's Schwinn find

    I like that beer holder.
  11. bikesntrikes

    What's wrong with this?

    I couldn't stop laughing when I took the pictures.
  12. bikesntrikes

    Monark fork Ladies 26" Firestone tank bike

    Similar to mine. I think mine is a 50 or 52. It's a Monark, but I added a Firestone tank. Tires are 26x2.125.
  13. bikesntrikes

    What can you tell me about this Shelby?

    My recent find. It's a Shelby Flying Cloud, 26". Has a horn in the tank and rear dropouts. Obviously missing the original wheel, fender and chainguard. How hard are they to find?
  14. bikesntrikes

    Dryspell broken

    There were a lot of good deals on bikes. Most bikes were men's. I only saw one women's bike and it was a Silver King, but badged as a Hawthorne. The guy wanted $250. There was also a guy loading up three bikes into his car. I noticed that one was a tanked JC Higgins with a springer fork...
  15. bikesntrikes

    Dryspell broken

    I tried looking for the serial number on the Hiawatha in all the usual places and couldn't find it. Where exactly would it be? Thanks.
  16. bikesntrikes

    Dryspell broken

    Picked up two bikes at the Turlock swap meet this past Sunday. Hiawatha on the left and an Evans on the right. I'd like to find original fenders, tank, sprocket, light and rear rack for the Hiawatha. The Evans is complete and might be sold to fund the parts for the Hiawatha. Can anyone tell...
  17. bikesntrikes

    Barn fresh Elgin Blue Bird NEW PICS pg8

    Re: Barn fresh Elgin Blue Bird Send it to me. I'll put on some tubes and tires on it. :) Phenomenal find!
  18. bikesntrikes

    Child's "Rickshaw" tricycle

    Found this vintage all metal tricycle at an estate auction. One of the pedals was broken off from the wheel when I bought it. I had a friend weld the pedal back in place and then I cleaned and waxed it. Now it's in use at my wife's preschool. The kids love it! The bigger kids give the...
  19. bikesntrikes

    What can you tell me about my recent find?

    All original Humber. Year and value? Thanks. The rest of the pictures are here:
  20. bikesntrikes

    Mythbusters = Crashbusters Luckily it's a newer cruiser.