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  1. kingplinker

    STOLEN BIKE - Yellow Spaceliner

    This bike was stolen from the side of my house last weekend - it is a yellow/gold Sears Spaceliner frame with a StarSprocket, and custom"bent" front fork tubes (made from old sissy bar). The frame has welded/patch on right side, lower back bar. It's easy frame to spot based on top bars, no...
  2. kingplinker

    Colsen Commander

  3. kingplinker

    Colsen Commander

    the light seems correct, but it may need to be red, not sure. Needs head badge. Needs whatever zip-tie is holding on resolved. Yeah, maybe if you clean it up real good, buff it out, replace any bad chrome you could get $300 for it, maybe more depending how good she looked. I think it's such a...
  4. kingplinker

    Colsen Commander

    i have no idea what it's worth either. But that is one of the best looking bikes I have seen - man they built that one RIGHT.
  5. kingplinker

    1939 Colson Flyer? "BLACKOUT!"

    my favorite frame of all time - i'll get one someday...
  6. kingplinker

    Western Flyer 19_ _?

    hey thanks for kind word Keebo! I love this bike & glad it found an awesome home. ENJOY!
  7. kingplinker

    Shapleigh WONDER

    2007! wow time flies... I feel old now...YES! sweet deal...
  8. kingplinker

    Could this be the Facel Vega of Bicycles?

    it's beautiful - everything about it is great... neck is sweet! is it aluminum?
  9. kingplinker

    Shapleigh WONDER

    hey thanks for the info man! I still have this bike, old tires & tubes still hold air, & bike still runs great! Cheers, T.
  10. kingplinker

    Doodle Bug Bike Motor

    sorry, can't remember actual name on other side, I think it says Doodle Bug... anyways, it looks like it's all there, but was wondering if anyone had installed one of these before and if so do you have photos? THANKS!
  11. kingplinker

    Western Flyer with giddyup...

    super cool bike motor! never saw one like that. definitely drain all the gas out, fill up and drain again. change in-line fuel filter (if it has one), and clean spark-plug (shoot carb cleaner in plug hole). Make sure it's not oil/gas mixture vs straight gas. should fire right up! 9 times out of...
  12. kingplinker

    My thanksgiving rat

    Excellent! nice job and super cool bike.
  13. kingplinker

    Drank'in & Ride'in Or **How you stash your parts**

    Re: Drank'in & Ride'in ha ha! she'll never notice....
  14. kingplinker

    I struck GOLD

    cool bike - yeah, what kind of scoot is that?
  15. kingplinker

    Drank'in & Ride'in Or **How you stash your parts**

    Re: Drank'in & Ride'in that sucks.
  16. kingplinker

    Girls Hawthorn & Boys Skip-Tooth Western Flyer

    anyone knwo what the chainguard lookedlike for this bike? thanks guys!
  17. kingplinker

    Girls Hawthorn & Boys Skip-Tooth Western Flyer

    well, i had the skip chain, but had to order the master link! anyways, here she is all ready to ride - cleaned up and all that. cheers, T. :mrgreen:
  18. kingplinker

    Police Bicycle Project

    my friend took a full-time job and moved this project to his house to work on it on his days off - i have not spoke to him or seen his progress in a month or so... not sure what you mena by "are you buying" - - but the billy club idea was to put an actual old, wooden billy club, or nightstick...
  19. kingplinker

    Girls Hawthorn & Boys Skip-Tooth Western Flyer

    yeah man! I actually scored 3 NEW kip-tooth chains at a swap meet last summer! used two - finally found place for 3rd...:)
  20. kingplinker

    Girls Hawthorn & Boys Skip-Tooth Western Flyer

    Well, I had a few bikes for sale, and a guy came to look he had these with him, so I swapped. The girls bike is a Hawthorn, not sure of age, but it's green w/white racing stripe on it. Cool handlebars. Don't really want his bike... I'll sell it. (pm me if interested, but I will not ship it!)...