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  1. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    It's weird that I keep coming back to this frame, I guess. But, I really like how it rides. The "one size fits a few" geometry is spot on for me. If I had the money, I would have a frame builder recreate the Beast in cromoly, with water bottle braze-ons, a Surly-style horizontal dropout (with...
  2. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    New wheels and tires, for the snow...
  3. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    Are you trying to sell a whole bike, or frame-only? I'm kinda looking for a second frame...
  4. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    I got this cheap suspension fork off of eBay for $85, so I thought I’d put it on the Beast Plus, just for fun. Plus, I finally got some bmx chain ring bolts so that I could remove the outer ring.
  5. HRJG

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook's and Nel Lusso

    Here’s my recently-built Cranny. Flipped motorbike clubman bars, new seatpost for adequate extension, 3-piece crank converter and crank, Ritchey Moby Bite slicks, basket, rat-trap rear rack, bmx front brake w/vintage lever, etc. I love the flat white frame with satin black tinwork!
  6. HRJG

    Mods on a Beast ?

    You could also just mount a mountain bike rear wheel with 135mm spacing, with the cogs removed. Not the prettiest option, but definitely the easiest. You could easily make a cover for the empty freehub body, to improve the aesthetics.
  7. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    It actually rides really nicely, with these wheels. I got them off of eBay, with (different) tires, a couple of years ago. Less than $200, at the time...
  8. HRJG

    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    It seems that the Beast modification has dropped off. I know it has been awhile, and my own multi-speed, disc-equipped Beast was dismantled, long ago. So, I understand the radio silence. But, I recently pulled the old frame out of the rafters, and re-imagined it as a single speed with 26x3”...
  9. HRJG

    The Silk Purse Is Pretty Much Complete

    I have taken to referring to my Beast as the "Silk Purse", for what I trust are obvious reasons. This weekend, I put the finishing touches on it. I centered the axle and spaced out the droupout so that all five cogs are usable on the 13/34 freewheel... That gives me the same low gear on...
  10. HRJG

    I Built Up a Bikes Direct (Motobecane) Fat Bike, Yesterday

    It is fully as nice as the Salsa Mukluk I had, for a couple of years. It is definitely worth the money (especially of you get the $695 version). Would i trade my Beast for one? No. My beast is my own creation, built on the shaky foundation provided by Walmart and Mongoose. It is far from...
  11. HRJG

    I Built Up a Bikes Direct (Motobecane) Fat Bike, Yesterday

    The full story is on my blog, here: ... ecane.html
  12. HRJG

    Another Beast Build

    Sweet car! And, I agree about the van, for sure.
  13. HRJG

    Another Beast Build

    Awesome work on the fork. (How about a full shot of the car...?)
  14. HRJG

    Another Beast Build

    Judging by the posters on your wall, we share not only bike interests, but musical tastes, as well. I am really looking forward to seeing your completed fork. What a cool project! I thought I was cool just getting a freewheel on my Beast... :-)
  15. HRJG

    New Sikk INC Fat Tire

    But, the wheels are red! Surely that makes it worth the price difference. :wink:
  16. HRJG

    Five Speed Freewheel On a Choppers US Hub - Walgoose Beast

    I installed a five-speed freewheel on my Beast, yesterday. The rear axle was just long enough to work, with the addition of an extra locknut to space the frame away from the cogs. I trimmed the dropout away from the derailleur mount, so that the LX derailleur would have room to swing. An...
  17. HRJG

    Another Beast Build

    I remember people claiming, in the 90s, that they could lose close to half a pound off of a Cannondale mountain bike by stripping the paint. So, it seems reasonable that stripping paint off of rims of this size would make a noticeable difference. I didn't realize that was paint, on the rims...
  18. HRJG

    Front Derailer on a Beast

    If I ever do go with an E-Type derailleur, I will just use the Tommisea cartidge bb. It works in the frame, and has the ability to run with the derailluer mount behind it. But, the derailleur which is on there is working just fine, at this point, so I won't fix it until it's broke (as they say)...