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    my son started racing bmx at the ft.worth optimist track in the 70s my wife kept score&i helpted run the start,got to know Don &his folks +Mark&Rusty a lot of verry nice people.we did a lot of traveling to races :mrgreen:
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    texas ratrodbikes location list

    west of Corsicana,out in the sticks:mrgreen:
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    whats it worth

    im trying to buy a couple of nice ones,would like to know what to offer
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    H-town Intro

    welcome& good luck :mrgreen:
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    whats it worth

    what are the apple krate&orange krate repops worth now?
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    Hello from the Texas Gulf Coast

    welcome. nice bikes
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    id help

    i was thinking 1965 huffy because of the 5 first no. of the ser.#
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    id help

    ?.G][/IMG]mg] can anyone help i.d. this bike ser.# 5h433695
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    Northeast Texas

    welcome from another Texan
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    New to Rat Rodding

    welcome .good luck on your bike
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    Cork valve stem caps

    .40 cal. pistol cartrage just fit cap
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    My garage door is the wrong color!

    move :mrgreen: just kidding
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    New From Lithuania

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    Some people are just jerks!!

    carry some ballbearings in your pocket, when cars get to close drop a few on the pavement they bounce up into grill or windshield :mrgreen:
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    repair prices?

    if your working at home you can charge less because you dont have the overhead a shop does
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    freestyle bike rear hub help Please

    if its a coaster brake just take it apart &clean and regrease
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    Need some trike 101

    here is one i made from an old sears trike &a huffy bike
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    Hello from Belgium