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    re-pop swing bike

    The original swing bike was re produced for one year (june 04-05) It was nearly identical to the original except for aluminum neck and the seat had a bit of a different curve. It was only made in one color(a dark blue metallic) I dig the bikes and wanted to know your opinion of what one would...
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    i dont wanna eat burritos

    I am going with a blue met. on my burrito. My other thought was a school bus yellow( because my bike is the size of a bus)
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    New(old) stuff I drug home.

    Ben Hur-(M) Central Cycle Manufacturing Company, Indianapolis IN, 1891-1898 That is all I have found about them. However. I have seen other peoples bike posted with dates as high as 1929.
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    need a bit of help......

    I have ran into a snag on the build I am doing for the little lady. I started with a 26" huffy mt. bike. Not doing 21 gears so bought a used 26 " with a 3 speed. Today my flames show up in the mail and they don't fit the wheel. It is clearly stamped as a 26x1.375 araya. Why do I have two...
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    New(old) stuff I drug home.

    I am in New Castle. Here is my truck.
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    Started on my burrito

    Did a bar swap. 33" apes, they are actually the bottom tube off of a shopping cart lol. Still need to make my 4 foot tall suicide brake lever and decide if I want to paint it or leave it.
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    New(old) stuff I drug home.

    I have been riding past this house with old bikes rotting into the ground for 15 years. Today as I rode by there was a truck in the drive. It was the first time I had seen a vehicle there in over 5 years. So I stopped and asked if they wanted to part with the old bikes out back. His response was...
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    Wishlist, felt bicycles are so awesome.

    I have this one and love it
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    Started on my burrito

    I did a good bit of work on this thing today. I ended up taking 8" out of the front of it. Then I changed the angle of both the top tube and the twin rods. After that was back together I mounted the rear triangle. It is still almost 10' long. Still need crank, chain installed and I am making a...
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    Started on my burrito

    double post
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    mood swing

    The lever was already on the bars and those grips are a ..... to get off so I left it and went for a ride.
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    mood swing

    It has a 302 and a c4 in it :D
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    mood swing

    With the burrito tied up on my bench at work I got bored. I wanted something to do and had a few bikes and parts laying around. So I mixed and matched some parts and grabbed a can of satin black. This is how it turned out. From this: To This: I had it together by 10am an rode it 15 miles soon...
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    Started on my burrito

    We do a lot of stuff for a bunch of different industries. The bulk of our business is utility trucks and wreckers. We also build industrial heat exchangers, The cooking tanks that red gold makes there ketchup in, the entire machine that Gerber makes there baby food in and that Tabasco makes...
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    Started on my burrito

    I am willing to listen to any ideas you or anybody else may have. Throw them out there.
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    Started on my burrito

    I will be doing the rear first and making sure it is all straight and at the right ride height then I will do the steering. May do long bars and may do a link bar steering set up. If I do long bars I will turn the stem 180 degrees and extend a set of beach bars a foot. It will be right at 8 foot...
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    Started on my burrito

    I have been think about a burrito build for a good little while now. Ran across a good candidate on CL and went for it. I picked up a Mid 70's Ross a couple weeks ago off of CL for $10. I didn't expect much for the money. To my surprise the bike was very nice and rode perfect. The seat tube was...
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    I'm selling a new line of cruisers

    Good bike for the money. I picked up a 07 vendetta for the little lady. Threw away the fenders and swapped the bars for a set off of a trek. The factory bar was VERY wide and it was just very unstable for her. The frame feels very stubby to me but a lay back post would be an easy fix.
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    Witch Hunter...DONE.....finished pics

    I love the look!!! what tire is that? I am in process with a very similar bike now. Just waiting on my parts to arrive.
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