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    Rat Rod Rockabilly Cartoon Video

    You guys should check out the band heavy trash, they play with the sadies all the time, best live show ever!!
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    Coasters Bikes (non RRB members)

    Re: Coasters Bikes The black seats with the large rivets look to be from the FELT v12. nice bikes!
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    Eco Trekker - formerly a Felt "El Guapo"

    Looks awesome man, I know exactly what you are talking about with mcgregor, looks just like one of the all terrain motorcycles, nice job and cool idea.
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    Ghent Cruiser Bordie #1

    Seat post is sweet, it really completes the look.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Love the little bas tard #130, would like to get one someday
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    Ghent Cruiser Bordie #1

    You have a picture of that seat post? Did you make it? Thanks
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    Felt v12 done up boardtrack style. Just got a rear sweeping kickstand, looks awesome.
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    Question about a dropstand

    Just wanted to ad this for anyone that finds this post in a search. The stand fit with some minor grinding......the stand itself is really heavy duty, could likely hold up a moped. It came from bike world usa, pretty impressive quality given its chinese origin. :lol: cheers.
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    Question about a dropstand

    cool thanks
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    Question about a dropstand

    mine has some dumb tabs on it so it will not sit flush against the outside of the frame, grind em off. This is what you meant with hand fitting? :lol:
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    Question about a dropstand

    outside? so between the frame and the rear wheel bolts? does not seem all that safe since the wheel is not "directly" bolted to the frame.
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    Question about a dropstand

    Hey guys, I just ordered a dropstand for my ride. It is a new one that is spring loaded. Stupid question but the stand goes on the inside of the frame correct? Thanks
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    flatfenders first boardtracker

    jockey shift in the chain guard hole?? you sir are a genius.
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    What I Rode To Work UPDATE! 5/10

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    Pictures From Last Nights Ride in Northampton, Mass.

    Yup old train tunnel turned into a bar. North hampton is a sweet little town, wish i could have come, nice pictures
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    Looking for 24x2.125 2" width size rim

    Do they have a website, i cant find it?
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    Looking for 24x2.125 2" width size rim

    Felt has rims that are 24x2.125 with a 2" width but they are pricey Anyone know of a company besides felt that makes a 24x2.125 2" width rim?
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    lucky 13 (formerly the destiny build)

    really nice bike, its f ing dirty, haha just curious, are you in Florida?
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    Huffy board track now done *pic heavy*

    what gauge did you make the tank out of? any detail on the tank would be awesome........sweet bike!
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    I keep my bike in my kitchen and cant say i have noticed anything. I have the creme color felts, not sure if color would have something to do with odor?