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    Before & After Pics

    before during and after
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    Before & After Pics

    before after
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    Before & After Pics

    before after being enjoyed by one of my boys
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    Before & After Pics

    before. all I had was the frame, and this was just a mock up. after. first fixie I've done. came out nice
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    I might have a yellow seat. I'll look tomorrow and post a pic. looks good
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    Trike Restoration

    awesome resto. The kid is gonna love it
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    wannabee 26" bmx cruiser

    love this idea might have to borrow it. I've been wanting a 24 or 26" bmx for a while but too expensive, I like this idea better. Yours came out outstanding
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    My 90's Huffy. W/ Beer rack and Airhorn

    Re: My 90's Huffy. looks awesome. the horn is genius
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    old Kalkhoff touringbike changed to an singlespeed

    I really like how it came out.
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    Flat black fixed gear

    love everything about this bike. nice job
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    Morgan, the streched huff

    any pics of the final product?
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    50's Murray Built Western Flyer

    simple and clean. I like it
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    inShane64 from New Mexico

    hello Shane. I live in Portales and work in Clovis. Good luck with your health
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    Mrs. Murray

    very nice, I like it
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    The wife's bike

    thanks guys, I don't even know what it is (haven't really looked into it). the ride is very smooth with the fork. I like riding it more than mine now :lol: I have to test it a lot before I let her take it for a big ride (after the baby of course)
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    The wife's bike

    thanks, 3rd boy coming right up :lol: done also
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    The wife's bike

    thanks man. She does love it, she's 7 1/2 months pregnant and still took it for a ride :D
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    The wife's bike

    got this bike for free from a friend. took it apart, cleaned it, greased it. painted the frame and with new seat, fork and handelbars, it looks a lot better. and of course I threw some pinstripes. sorry for the crappy pics before after
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    New to the game

    this forum is our freedom. I'm hooked again so I know how you feel. My wife of 9 years saw me take a bike a part and put back together and she couldn't beleive I knew how to do that, all I said was " that's what you do when you're a boy " :D