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    Cockpit shots only

    My '67 Schwinn, the Big Gear Bike.
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    Back to your seat project, I have done a few things now with these fine tipped paint markers. I was very impressed with the way the paint flowed and was easy to guide and fill in a recess. I used some on this chain guard project and a couple of head badge projects with good success.
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    I am having some fun with this color matching business too. I am changing up the fork and bars on my green bike so I added a matching green headset.
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    Bendix 2 speed kickback seals!

    Man, that color really pops! Honestly, blue is my favorite.
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    Very interesting! Just so I understand, you shortened the head tube a bit to accommodate the short steering tube? Very creative! I am glad that the cups still fit in there ok. At some point in time, reaming and facing head tubes was fairly normal, and any shop installing a fancy King or Campy...
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    What have you been riding lately?

    Experimenting with new fork and handlebars, ride around neighborhood. ‘58 Corvette.
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    Bendix 2 speed kickback seals!

    Bendix 2 speed Red Band and Yellow band hubs are great, and I have been rebuilding and riding them for over 20 years now. It has always bothered me that they are so poorly sealed, and I finally decided to do something about this. After putting over 400 miles on a red band in 2022, and 1800...
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    1 1/8” threadless forks for vintage Schwinn and BMX frames! Conversion headsets.

    Hello all- Some of you know me from the other pages like BMX Museum or The Cabe. Looks like I just lost everything I typed, so I’ll just leave this here. Merry Christmas!
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    Want wideish black 26"rims advice/ direction?

    I need a pair of black 36 hole rims, 34 to 40 mm wide. I have some Weimann DH39's I love but cannot find more. They will mate to vintage Bendix 2 spd kickback and Schwinn Forebrake. Must fit in 1952 Phantom frame. I am using the DH 39's and 2.3" slicks in a 1960's middleweight frame with no...
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    Hi- I started mountain biking around 1995 and needed a way to pay for my habit so I started buying and selling bikes and parts. Along the way I realised just how well made and creatively engineered some of these old parts were. I have never been a restoration person, more of a "How soon can I...