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  1. King Zebba

    The Bruiser

  2. King Zebba

    Hiawatha Rat

    Thanks Sensor. :)
  3. King Zebba

    The Start Of My New Bike

    Really nice build going on here! 8)
  4. King Zebba

    another air ride bike

    Can't wait to see it done. 8)
  5. King Zebba


    Thanks Pick! My wife loves it. It's very rewarding seeing her ride a bike I created.
  6. King Zebba


    Congrats to the winners in both categories. Fun times! Now we all get to ride our trophies around and turn some heads. Not me though... my wife gets to ride it around. Even better! :D
  7. King Zebba

    another air ride bike

    This sounds like something that would make my brain hurt trying to figure it out. 3000psi... WOW! How much weight can one of those air cylinders pick up?
  8. King Zebba

    Hiawatha Rat

    Thanks Deven. The bikes you brought to shiny side up were amazing! :D
  9. King Zebba

    Hiawatha Rat

    Thanks! junknuts! Your RRBO 8 bike was Awesome!
  10. King Zebba

    another air ride bike

    Look'n good! I'll be watching this one. How many adjustments is the air tank good for on this setup?
  11. King Zebba


    Like I posted on 1boomtrucks build thread I'm going to post on yours. I feel your bike should be at the top of the vote count. You did an amazing job. You've built a true custom bicycle. It was fun to watch. I hope you build more customs in the future. I'll definitely be watching whether here...
  12. King Zebba

    Lucky # 7

    Your bike and bean's bike should be at the top of the votes. You did a great job on your build. That's what a full on custom should look like. I enjoyed watching your build. I even learned a thing or two. I hope you build more bikes in the future. Whether you post them here on RRB or somewhere...
  13. King Zebba

    Lady Jivaro

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it!
  14. King Zebba


    Doesn't get much better than that! So nice! 8)
  15. King Zebba

    CALIFORNICATION - A 1960's Hot Rod

    Very clean build! I like it! 8)
  16. King Zebba

    Wonder rat finished

    Simple and sweet!
  17. King Zebba

    NDN Garage Days Pics

    I'm like'n this one! So cool! 8)
  18. King Zebba

    Firewing - 1953 Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe - (2nd Place) Mr September 2014

    Re: Firewing - 1953 Columbia Firewing Three Star DeLuxe Everything came together so nice! Great job Kingfish!