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  1. derek nelson

    Pleasanton or tri valley area club

    Hey all, I'm gonna try and start a "club" for the tri valley in California. It would just be a fun club that goes on rides and helps each other fix and build bikes. Reply to this post and email me at [email protected] if you're interested!
  2. derek nelson

    Show me your bikes with mag wheels!

    Thanks! I only need one, maybe they will cut me a deal? It's for my ruff cycles tango land speed bike. I have a picture on my profile but I'm not sure how good it looks since it was posted from my phone. Thanks again!
  3. derek nelson

    Bay Area rat rodder!

    Hey all, I just signed up for the site yesterday, but I've been lurking around here for a year or so. I've been working on a Ruffcycles Tango since summer, and it's halfway done! I'm going with a "speed" theme, and since I go out to the salt flats and dry lakes with my uncles 27 T bucket...
  4. derek nelson

    Show me your bikes with mag wheels!

    I'm looking for one 26 inch mag wheel. Anyone know where I can find one or buy one?