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  1. O

    Old Beach Cruiser ?

    Hello, Newbie here. I was give this old Beach Cruiser frame and fork. I has a thick powdercoat so I cant make out the whole serial. Lugged stem and Tube Forks looks possibly 70's BMX Cruiser 26" type. Anyone have a clue? -Robert
  2. bikesnbuses

    Withdrawn 1960ish girls 26" Sears Flightliner with rat trap SPRINGER.. $100 cash local pick up in southern RI

    As the title states..I priced this a little lower to encourage local pick up..Ive seen the springers alone sell for $150 +++ SO if youre in the area and need or want one of these plus other parts off this bike.. This is for you! picked up in Southern RI on the CT/RI border right off rt 95 Or...
  3. Bike from the Dead

    SOLD Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale (UPDATED)

    I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $200 or best offer. Local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma preferred. Might entertain trades. Additional photos and info available upon request...
  4. Degoragon

    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    As you know, I had managed to pull an old 1941 Hiawatha (Shelby Flying Cloud) bike out of the weeds in my own backyard. Well, I had been thinking some possible directions to go with it. One involved simply using 1960's schwinn pedal cranks and pieces to replace the rusted pieces. This got me...
  5. S

    Electra Townie Fenders, lights, dynamo, complete front wheel

    Hey all. Been checking out the forum for quite some time now. A good friend of mine at work told me about it. What a cool place! I recently picked up a Townie with about fifty miles on it. Decided I didn't want the fenders or the electrical system that was on it so I pulled it all and installed...
  6. BobbyStillz

    ISO a pair of white walls 26" x 2.35"

    Hello Party People! I need a pair of Bontrager white wall tires size 26" x 2.35". Anyone have a set? Open to another brand of the same size and aesthetic. Thanks
  7. M

    WTB: red fatbike rims

    I'm looking to pick up a set of red fatbike rims to finish my Beast project that's been sitting for a few years now. Don't need spokes or hubs. I found a sealed 36 hole front hub and I have a Sturmey 3sp fat hub for the back. It's gonna be ...... if I ever get it done.
  8. M


    I'm dying for someone to fab a 26" Yamaha Motobike. How much would you charge to build the F/F?
  9. Schwinn Boys

    Max Tire Width on '65 Schwinn

    I was wondering what the maximum width tires would fit on my 1965 26'' schwinn typhoon. My rims are 26 x 2.1 and I have a rear sidepull brake on my bike at the moment. Do you think i could fit 26 x 2.3 or 2.4 without getting tire rub on my frame?
  10. Schwinn Boys

    What's up, from the SF Bay Area

    My 1965 Schwinn Typhoon with S&M Pitchfork, Shredneck Stem, Grand Slam Bars, Chris King Headset, 80s Redline chainwheel, geno bmx wheelset hella fun in the streets, the hills, or the bmx track
  11. Robertk

    SOLD 1939 Autocycle Frame w/ Lincoln Badge

    Stand out from the crowd with this rare 26" 1939 Schwinn Autocyle frame. Brass Lincoln Badge. It's a bit dirty, but pictures below show the detail. Shipping to lower 48. Location: North Carolina Price: $275 + shipping