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  1. B

    Schwinn Collegiate w/ 3 Speed Sturmey Archer $225

    Royal blue Schwinn Collegiate was restored with all new parts. 1973 Sturmey Archer 36H 18T 3 Speed (rebuilt), Tektro brakes RT559, Sunrims CR18, vintage road style Velo Orange handlebars Schwalbe tires, puncture-proof inner tubes, even a headlight. Every bolt was changed, new spokes, Tektro...
  2. Loki182

    3 Speed Hubs

    I have been keeping an eye out for one of these for a while now but they don't seem to pop up very often. But I just stumbled across someone selling a bunch of them cheap. I honestly don't know much about them in general so is there anything I should keep an eye out for? I'm planning to head...

    1977 Schwinn 3 speed Speedster 24 "

    1977 Schwinn Speedster 24 " 3 speed, new tires / tubes, needs some attention, good condition, asking $130 obo plus shipping to the lower 48. If you have any questions, need more pictures or have a reasonable offer please message me. Thanks, Sean

    SOLD 1953 Hiawatha badged CWC built Flying Falcon 3 speed

    1953 Hiawatha badged, CWC built Flying Falcon 3 speed with new brake pads front and rear, Brampton 3 speed hub. This bike was only made for 2 years, so there's not that many out there. This was their answer for the people that didn't want a 3 speed balloon tire Schwinn. It's a rider as is and...
  5. Mk3jetta

    New here, First muscle bike. 1970 (ish?) Columbia Super 88

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the muscle bikes and recently bought an old Columbia. From what I can find it's a Super 88 model, and is somewhere in the range of 69-70-71. It's currently all original in the original Coppertone Orange, but The og tires are pretty rotten so I'll be swapping some repro...
  6. Rat Rod


    Selling my custom built October 1979 Schwinn Cruiser. I had the frame and fork powder coated candy apple blue and applied a set of vinyl reproduction decals. The wheel set was professionally built using new Sturmey Archer internally geared 3 speed freewheel drum brake hubs, vintage chrome...
  7. Rat Rod


    Just finished this Schwinn Cruiser this week. Had a spare frame and fork set that I took over to Jacob of Ideal Coatings last weekend and he powder coated it candy blue for me. I ended up using the wheel set I had built up which had the Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear drum hub and the front drum hub...
  8. 1965 Men's Hercules

    1965 Men's Hercules

    1965 Men's Hercules Three Quarter View
  9. 1965 Men's Hercules

    1965 Men's Hercules

    1965 Men's Hercules Side View
  10. 1966 Women's Sears

    1966 Women's Sears

    1966 Women's Sears 3/4 View
  11. 1966 Women's Sears

    1966 Women's Sears

    1966 Women's Sears Side View
  12. 1965 and 1966 3 Speed Commuters

    1965 and 1966 3 Speed Commuters

    1966 Women's Sears and 1965 Men's Hercules