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  1. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    So, another nice story of me getting a vintage American bike in Europe is here :) First of all, yes, i do have unfinished projects, but this one is different! (Ha-ha, but true this time) I was not intending to buy it, but i saw an ad on dutch Marktplaats with this photos: The ad said 1950's...
  2. BartRidesEternal

    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Hi all! My name is Bart, from "Twente" the Netherlands. I am reading and seeing all kinds of good stuff on this forum for a couple of years and I like the style of bicycles I see here. Now I wanted to share some builds with you guys on this forum. Thats me on my Klunker bike during a 50km...
  3. Ethan

    BSA chainguard, blue I also have the fenders for this same bike available for local pickup if interested.
  4. T in C

    Save the DATE JUNE 9th, Wethersfield CT Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  5. MattBiker

    Her Name's Christine

    Hey everyone, Thought I would share my new build. I am building a bicycle version of Stephen King's 1958/57 Plymouth Christine. I'm starting out with this bicycle I found online a couple of years ago. It was for another project that ran out of steam. I removed the decals and replaced the...
  6. Scribble

    Rare 1961 Schwinn Panther III Half Tank. Finished

    I got hired to rebuild this awesome 61 Schwinn Panther III by a family friend, so far I'm stoked on this project. I like the addition of the homie haulers. One of the best decals ever :inlove:. I also got the whole thing broke down today, already looks good with just a WD-40 rub down.
  7. Rat Rod


    Back in 2011 @yoothgeye picked up this Schwinn King Sting and then later sold it to his brother-in-law @Whitfield. @Whitfield saw me post a pic of the silver and blue King Sting I picked up a couple of weeks ago and posted a photo of the bike he still had. He mentioned that he was considering...
  8. Rat Rod


    Selling my custom built October 1979 Schwinn Cruiser. I had the frame and fork powder coated candy apple blue and applied a set of vinyl reproduction decals. The wheel set was professionally built using new Sturmey Archer internally geared 3 speed freewheel drum brake hubs, vintage chrome...
  9. Rat Rod


    Just finished this Schwinn Cruiser this week. Had a spare frame and fork set that I took over to Jacob of Ideal Coatings last weekend and he powder coated it candy blue for me. I ended up using the wheel set I had built up which had the Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear drum hub and the front drum hub...
  10. Cruiserdude94

    20" Warrior??

    Would love some help IDing this bike. I have looked and looked and looked and cannot find anything about who produced this bike or what it should've looked like. Any info would be awesome! More pics to come soon