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  1. PSX_20230403_183228.jpg


    Caloi 100
  2. AmateurArtist

    Beach cruiser to a klunker build ( a tractor :)

    Hello everyone Im new to the community, and also new to vintage bikes, builds and so on. This is my first build, still doing stuff, but is ridable now, so here it goes. It started as a broken used supermarket pink and white beach cruiser, now I am trying a klunker build. I send it to a bike...
  3. T

    Plates Los Angeles 1939-41

    Hello. I have three vintage license plates from Los Angeles that I am willing to sell. $100. Shipped from Mojave, CA.
  4. Paulywood

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat. A One of a kind Custom Cruiser. Custom Rear Seat, Fender, Foot Pegs, Sissy Bar & More. Can hold up to 260 lbs. Metallic blue w/ metallic white ghost flames. Custom Rear tire is a fat 4 1/4” wide. Custom lay...
  5. A

    What bike is this??

    Hi everyone, i want to start this off by saying I am not a bike collector or a professional at all, and therefore I apologize for anything I get wrong or label wrong. I got this bike at an estate sale for dirt cheap and I’m just curious to know what it is and/or what the value is. It has...
  6. Rat Rod


    Stumbled across this new Klunker from Volume today...looks pretty cool.
  7. Rat Rod


    Back in 2011 @yoothgeye picked up this Schwinn King Sting and then later sold it to his brother-in-law @Whitfield. @Whitfield saw me post a pic of the silver and blue King Sting I picked up a couple of weeks ago and posted a photo of the bike he still had. He mentioned that he was considering...
  8. Rat Rod


    Selling my custom built October 1979 Schwinn Cruiser. I had the frame and fork powder coated candy apple blue and applied a set of vinyl reproduction decals. The wheel set was professionally built using new Sturmey Archer internally geared 3 speed freewheel drum brake hubs, vintage chrome...
  9. bikebuilder

    Swingbike Kits

    Update.12/6/16 The top tubes are now notched. These have been shaped, cut and measured based on the original 1970's swingbike frames. I have used this exact method to build dozens of frames. This is most of what you need to complete a frame. The head tubes are stronger than the originals so...
  10. Rat Rod


    Just finished this Schwinn Cruiser this week. Had a spare frame and fork set that I took over to Jacob of Ideal Coatings last weekend and he powder coated it candy blue for me. I ended up using the wheel set I had built up which had the Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear drum hub and the front drum hub...
  11. Cruiserdude94

    Firestone Warrior

    Ended up getting this frame for free from my cousin. And decided it needed to be a muscle bike but one with my flare and newer style paint scheme but still keeping the old school chopper muscle look. Then after! Silver metallic and gloss black Mostly how she will stay. Im looking for a...
  12. Shane Wood

    Dyno GT MotoGlide

    Looking to re-home my MINT Dyno MotoGlide! This thing is perfect and is ready to ride! $400 obo , located in SLC, UT
  13. Shane Wood

    Dyno GT MotoGlide

    Hey guys! I'm new here and I love bikes! I have this MINT MotoGlide and I'm considering re-homing it! Any interest out there? Thanks!