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  1. Jax_B86

    Emory Giant Workhorse

    Here’s my Emory Giant workhorse I got from the Mayport naval base… was one of their cycle trucks since the early 80s! Gave it a good wet sanding and clear coat and built her up to haul the kids and dog around the beach!
  2. Rat Rod


    I recently purchased a parts lot locally and in that group of parts there was a 1956 Schwinn Cycle Truck frame and fork. Actually, not sure if this is a 1956 fork, but what the heck. Initially I had thought about selling it off and then a friend of mine here in town mentioned that he had a...
  3. franconuevo


    You know about 3/4 of the way through, I got sick of looking at this bike already. Then, when you get that hollow leg when the kids grew up and left the nest. Hopefully, this build may inspire someone to get goin. I fixed a lot of bikes, but never modded before...
  4. franconuevo

    A Long Tale - Final Build Update

    Or longtail, cargo bike, extended bike, xtra bike, whatever you like. There actually is a somewhat long tale that lead up to this one, I'll touch on that a little bit later. But first, here's where we stand as of yesterday. Start of Build: 2nd week in May I didn't really think about entering...