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  1. BartRidesEternal

    Barts "Eternal" Builds: page 2, fun junk klunker build!

    A while ago I promised some pictures of my builds. There was not much time to post new pictures lately (a new familymember is coming :) ). And a lot of picture hosting sites are not free anymore, or only temporarily. I always have some bicycles to build and create, so I thought: Let's just...
  2. BartRidesEternal

    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Hi all! My name is Bart, from "Twente" the Netherlands. I am reading and seeing all kinds of good stuff on this forum for a couple of years and I like the style of bicycles I see here. Now I wanted to share some builds with you guys on this forum. Thats me on my Klunker bike during a 50km...
  3. M

    WTB: red fatbike rims

    I'm looking to pick up a set of red fatbike rims to finish my Beast project that's been sitting for a few years now. Don't need spokes or hubs. I found a sealed 36 hole front hub and I have a Sturmey 3sp fat hub for the back. It's gonna be ...... if I ever get it done.
  4. RobSmith

    Fair Weather Rat Rodder...

    Hey, I'm Rob. I never even THOUGHT needing a rat rod, fat bike, or any other non-go fast bike...until I bought a single speed to ride the bike trail, and basically gave up my road bike (a super nice Basso frame with Campy components). So - I took the single speed (a $600 Mongoose grey thing)...