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  1. M

    WTB: red fatbike rims

    I'm looking to pick up a set of red fatbike rims to finish my Beast project that's been sitting for a few years now. Don't need spokes or hubs. I found a sealed 36 hole front hub and I have a Sturmey 3sp fat hub for the back. It's gonna be ...... if I ever get it done.
  2. aka_locojoe

    20 Inch Fatbike Upsized

    Converting the Grandson's Mongoose Massif fatbike that he's outgrown to something we both can ride.
  3. R

    New to fatbikes and cruisers. Need advice!

    Hi. I am thinking about buying a beach cruiser (but to use in the city also). Since I understand they are on the "heavy" side, I'm gonna need at least three speeds right? Also, shall I go for suicide shift? I want to order one made from Ruff Cycles and ship it to Panama. Any advice?
  4. R

    Hello from So cal

    Hello fellow bikers, I've been a spectator of this site and now for some reason I want to come and introduce myself. My name is Rhedjie from Los Angeles CA, I've been a bike addict for 10 years now, I own a stretch 96 or 97 Dyno roadster, a stretch micargi puma 3.0 (customized with 26x4 rear...
  5. A

    Electra Straight 8 custom FAAAT!

    That awkward feeling when you do not wait for Electra Fatbike and made it myself...:happy: What do you think of my Electra in a military style? Straight 8, 100mm rims, 4 1/4 tire, 3-speed Sturmey Archer Cruiser Hub SX-RB3, front disk brake, gold chain, custom handmade grips (KPV maсhinegun...