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  1. bikesnbuses

    WTB Prewar Hawthorne streamile Zep light headlight without top fin

    Any color ok..prefer one with 2 small bolt fender attached style..
  2. bikesnbuses

    WTB$$ Parts for a prewar 1941 Hawthorne All American

    Im looking to BUY parts for this bike I just picked up my THIRD Hawthorne All American!! this one is a 41.. Im looking for the big stainless chainguard,the frame mounted Wise lock and correct set... Shown for seat and chain guard reference is my 1940 Thank you everyone!
  3. bikesnbuses

    WANTED Looking to see if anyone has a HIGH end PREWAR for sale (non-Schwinn..and NON-red...sorry :-)

    So...I sold a large chunk of my comic book collection ..and the guy wants more.. 😳:banana: Im looking for bikes that arent red in color preferably..I have 3 red bikes and not the biggest fan of red to begin with.. I know .. :rolleyes: So, Im looking to see what might be available to...
  4. bikesnbuses

    Parting out rare 1936 Hawthorne Zep deluxe prewar

    Now a part out.. Rack,chainguard,reflector and seat all SOLD I WILL be posting parts/prices in a few hours It comes with the parts: Zep fined light,no lens Trussrods Correct rack reflector Extra crank Better fenders(original Ones are badly rusted on ends) Kickstand I do not have a key...
  5. Mongla

    Antique Parts Frames Lot. Pick up NW burbs IL

    Some really nice stuff in here. $700 for the lot. Pick up in Cary, IL. Priority to quickest, most hassle free pickup. Hawthorne skiptooth frame, flight liner parts, raspberry reflector fender, gooseneck, seats. Skiptooth, chainguards, front end springers, tons more.
  6. Bike from the Dead

    (SOLD) Vintage Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale or Trade

    I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $450 or best offer. Local pickup in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I am open to all possible trades, but there are a few specific things I would trade...
  7. Bike from the Dead

    SOLD Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale (UPDATED)

    I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $200 or best offer. Local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma preferred. Might entertain trades. Additional photos and info available upon request...
  8. bikesnbuses

    WTB needed 1940 1941 era Snyder built Hawthorne All American parts; Aluminum truss rod , chainguard

    As stated, Im looking for parts for my original paint Hawthorne,a 1940/41 Fall/winter Catalog All American. Im looking for 1 ALUMINUM 26" boys truss rod . stabilizer bar,etc.I will buy a SET if you have 2/ pair..In almost ANY condition..Mine is broken in half(MISSING half) Im also looking for...
  9. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Pre-War Hawthorne

    Been having this for a while, never got around to messing with it so it’s gotta go. Over never even ridden it, slapped it together out the box and been in the shed since. Would make a nice rider with a little love. WILL have to be gone through to cruise, definitely could use a good servicing (so...
  10. Binz

    Swamp Thing. Finished shots

    Here's my finished build! 1946 Huffman built Firestone Pilot 1930s schwinn wheel set New 26x2.125 tires Modifed JC higgins beehive springer Hawthorne rear rack Schwinn pedals Lobdell long spring saddle reupholstered in alligator by Bill Moon Laid back seat post Custom fabricated handlebars...
  11. Flying Zombie

    A few Classic Ladies

    1950 JC Higgins Airflow SOLD 1948 Hawthorne DeLuxe $300 obo 1953 Schwinn Hornet SOLD All skiptooth Prefer not to ship but may under the right circumstances. Willing to drive within reason or meet half way. I'm in Green Bay, WI
  12. BobbyStillz

    1950 M/W Hawthorne Triple Bar

  13. Flying Zombie

    Re re reintroduction

    Flying Zombie (FZ) is back! Hello seasoned vets and newcomers alike! Some of you, many of you here in the forums are old friends and the lot of you rookies will likely carry that same trait for me and one another over time. I've been in the hobby about five or six years now, owning everything...
  14. PublicNuisance

    Hawthorne fresh find - Need help dating

    Just picked this up last weekend. Looks to be all there, but I'm having a super hard time finding the model, manufacturer and dating it. Any help / thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. 20180101_165119


  16. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Original paint Prewar 38/39 Hawthorne ladies curved seatpost TWIN headlights !

    I bought this bike for my wife but between health and other projects time to simplify a little..I bought a GREAT Monark for her from tech549 that didnt need much going through,so Im offering this rare COMPLETE bike up for sale. I believe its a late 38/39 ,I have better/upgraded...
  17. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

    Hawthorne badged girls silverking with aluminum handlebars. Great platform for a custom build or restoration project! $250 + shipping from alb nm. PayPal only please. Shipping within the US only.
  18. Miranda

    ID on AMF Hawthorne. 40's-60's?

    Hello! Thank you for adding me to the page. I have a AMF Hawthorne Cruiser that I have been told is between 1940's and 1960's. I know the Star crank makes it worth more, but is it original? The only thing not original on the bike is the seat. It also has an old, metal liscense plate wrapped...
  19. Flying Zombie


    Just need the one. Hardware appreciated.
  20. Flying Zombie

    What year is my Schwinn?

    Just Kidding, not a Schwinn but no one was replying :rofl: So this is pending arrival, but its been shook on., I Believe based on the fender brace in the back being Curved defines it as Snyder, from a little digging around on the Cabe., as well as the dropouts being flat instead of having the...