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  1. Zombie Punk

    Returning former member

    Hi everyone i was member for a few years when back when this was a new website . I was on here as zombie king back then . I have been building and modifying custom bikes for 33 years since i was 10 years old really glad to be back on here looking forward to seeing the builds and...
  2. Binz

    Swamp Thing. Finished shots

    Here's my finished build! 1946 Huffman built Firestone Pilot 1930s schwinn wheel set New 26x2.125 tires Modifed JC higgins beehive springer Hawthorne rear rack Schwinn pedals Lobdell long spring saddle reupholstered in alligator by Bill Moon Laid back seat post Custom fabricated handlebars...
  3. Binz

    Swamp Thing

    New member here, first build off. I found this relic in a backyard of friends. This was one of many, I was able to fill a trailer but mostly middleweights. I go through and rebuild alot of 50s-60s schwinns, easy money. I've been getting into older stuff lately and really fell in love with a...
  4. Ethan

    BSA chainguard, blue I also have the fenders for this same bike available for local pickup if interested.