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  1. H

    How Much to ask for Schwinn Stingray

    I own two Schwinn Stingrays, one in pretty good condition, and the other, well, it's terrible. My wife bought it for me as a gift and the images the seller put up on eBay made it look like a 10. In reality it has mismatched tires, tears on the banana set, and some rust on the frame. Otherwise...
  2. Hitman44

    Schwinn stingray Lil Tiger

    This is a cute little bike.
  3. Hitman44

    Cute Lil Tiger

    Hey evewryone -- Found this awesome little guy and a recent pick. I do not plan on keeping it but it is so cool!!!! Well it may not be a Rat Rod. It would good in any collection!
  4. RailRider

    Screamers, Krates and Rails... Oh my! Latest Score!

    Some of you may have seen this on the Muscle Bike Forum already but we made a 12 hour trip to grab a few things, thought I would share! (Not selling anything until I go through and get what I need) Enjoy! ;)...
  5. Psycho Sammi

    (MBBO #5 Class 2) Lil Red Express Trike

    Lil Green Schwinn Trike .I thought September would never get here. I have wanted to do something with this 24" trike I got from Petrohead for some time now. Certain muscle bike parts I have had sitting around for years are now going to finally have a bike to call home. I will have to get some...