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  1. W

    90's Performance MTB

    Hey all! I traded an old hipster bike for a mtb with some potential and have been exceedingly impressed by frame and component quality now that I'm digging into the bike. Can anyone tell me a little about this brand and model? And maybe what it might be worth? I've restored it pretty much...
  2. BartRidesEternal

    Hi RRB community. Introduction + photo's

    Hi all! My name is Bart, from "Twente" the Netherlands. I am reading and seeing all kinds of good stuff on this forum for a couple of years and I like the style of bicycles I see here. Now I wanted to share some builds with you guys on this forum. Thats me on my Klunker bike during a 50km...
  3. 1970's Columbia "Tourist V"  Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia "Tourist V" Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia 5 speed bicycle. In good shape, and pedals easily. Has "BMA/6" Sticker . Shimano 5-speed gearbox and derailleur.
  4. horsefarmer

    Good shift cable installation and cable stops.

    Reviving a 30 year old Raleigh bike which used cable stops and exposed sections of shift cable to the derailleurs. I'm fitting recycled Shimano index twist grip shifters from a little used girls Huffy with bent rims. The Huffy shifted perfect when it was disassembled. Should I cut the housings...
  5. franconuevo

    Hub Question....Shimano 3 speed. calling the experts?

    Today I was cleaning and servicing some hubs I've acquired along the way This type I never worked on's a very smooth operating hub I may use in a future build Shimano 3 speed Hub Cartridge Type I take it its an internal 3 speed hub I've worked on the ones with the little chain...