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  1. BobbyStillz

    ISO a pair of white walls 26" x 2.35"

    Hello Party People! I need a pair of Bontrager white wall tires size 26" x 2.35". Anyone have a set? Open to another brand of the same size and aesthetic. Thanks
  2. Schwinn Boys

    Max Tire Width on '65 Schwinn

    I was wondering what the maximum width tires would fit on my 1965 26'' schwinn typhoon. My rims are 26 x 2.1 and I have a rear sidepull brake on my bike at the moment. Do you think i could fit 26 x 2.3 or 2.4 without getting tire rub on my frame?
  3. SSG

    Anyone found a source for Aerovane 26x3.0 tires?

    They're not marked anywhere that I can tell. Chinese origin no doubt. I like the classic tread, and no printed logos. Note the classic wallyworld de-raked fork.
  4. RobSmith

    Fair Weather Rat Rodder...

    Hey, I'm Rob. I never even THOUGHT needing a rat rod, fat bike, or any other non-go fast bike...until I bought a single speed to ride the bike trail, and basically gave up my road bike (a super nice Basso frame with Campy components). So - I took the single speed (a $600 Mongoose grey thing)...